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Is This How You Dispose Of Your Wet Wipes? The Bottom Line On Biodegradable Wipes…

Wet wipes can be a complete godsend when it comes to young children and babies, and Aqua Wipes are a fantastic option. They’re natural, dermatologically tested, 100% biodegradable, compostable, and plastic-free, so they’re kinder to the skin and our planet! But, new research by the baby brand has revealed a high level of confusion about how to correctly dispose of biodegradable wet wipes, and we’ve teamed up with Aqua Wipes to help set the record straight.

Are you disposing of your wet wipes correctly?

New research reveals a high level of confusion over the correct disposal of biodegradable wet wipes with eco-minded parents inadvertently contributing to environmental damage. Aqua Wipes has found that 72% of parents believe the way to dispose of biodegradable wet wipes is to flush them in the toilet. Shock, horror!

In reality, the process of biodegrading is actually interrupted when wipes are flushed through sewage pipes. The wipes cannot decompose and ultimately contribute to the dreaded ‘fatbergs’ that start to accumulate in our sewers, with some being known to weigh more than an elephant! Flushing wipes also contributes to river pollution. In Sept 2021, environmentalists found 27,400 wet wipes on the foreshores of the Thames River.

Did you know that biodegradable baby wipes can take as few as 15 days to break down?

The research, which polled over a thousand parents in the UK, found that 69% believe it takes six years for a biodegradable wipe to decompose. In fact, biodegradable baby wipes can take as few as 15 days to break down – when they’re disposed of correctly.

This World Earth Day, Aqua Wipes launches ‘WIPE, THEN BIN’, a clear call to action to educate parents on how to dispose of biodegradable wipes in the most appropriate, sustainable way.

Place biodegradable wipes directly into a compost bin, or in the general waste

Dr. Mark Little, Managing Director of Aqua Wipes explains: “Aqua Wipes need oxygen to biodegrade as quickly as possible. Ensuring wipes are exposed to the elements as much as possible, and not down the loo or sewage pipes, you can ensure that your used wipes are not contributing to environmental damage. Left exposed in compost conditions, Aqua Wipes will decompose in 15 days and importantly will not release any microplastics into the environment. The only correct way to dispose of Aqua Wipes is to place them directly into a compost bin or the general waste bin. You must never flush them down the loo.”

Do not wrap soiled wipes into a dirty nappy

Aqua Wipes research also found that 63% of parents tend to wrap soiled wipes into the used, dirty nappy after changing their baby. This may seem like the logical thing to do, but in fact, in doing so, we’re not providing the wipes with the right climate to decompose. Even biodegradable nappies might still include certain materials that can compromise the process, so as a rule of thumb, always ‘WIPE, THEN BIN’.

Looking for an environmentally friendly baby wipe? Aqua Wipes are your answer.

Aqua Wipes are made with 99.3% purified water, and infused with organic aloe vera, and a mild coconut-derived cleansing agent to soothe and protect sensitive skin even newborns, including premature babies. They’re registered with The Vegan Society and are used by the NHS.

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