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7 Family Tents for a Late Summer Camping Trip

We’re off on a camping trip to The Big Feastival this weekend with our two year old daughter and 4 month old son. Yes, I did just say that. A camping trip. With very young children. We must be bonkers, right? I hope not!

I was a huge fan of camping when I was 12 years old, but I have to admit, that enthusiasm has waned somewhat over the years that have followed. I like my home comforts, a warm, private, clean shower, a dry and comfy bed… I’ll stop there as I’m starting to talk myself out of this weekend!

I think the key to any successful camping trip has to be the tent. It’s got to be right. And in our case, not too expensive in case we decide we’ll never attempt such shenanigans ever again. On doing some research, I think picking from any of these seven from Decathlon should see you right.

Arpenaz 4.1 Camping Tent, Quechua

  • 4 man
  • £139.00

We’ve gone for this one. A sturdy tent that sleeps four adults. Being a tunnel tent, there’s a lovely area to chill in front of the sectioned off bedroom at the back. In theory, once the kids have gone peacefully to sleep at 7pm on the dot, we can crack open our box of wine and peek out of the opening up at the stars…

There are colour coded poles so it’s super-easy to pitch.

  • 4 man
  • £249.99

This 4-man tent is mega easy to assemble as it’s an inflatable, but you’ll need to buy your own pump. As with the Arpenaz 4.1, they’ve incorporated black fabric inside the tent, which means you won’t be awake with the sun, unless you set your alarm! This tent is extremely wind resistant and waterproof – for those that are happy to brave the elements all year round.

Air Seconds 4.2 XL Camping Tent,Quechua

  • 4 man
  • £279.99

This tent is perfect for those with older children that require a separate bedroom. Another inflatable (you’ll need to buy your own pump), this tent has a huge living room that you can actually stand up in.

Similar to the Air Seconds 4.1, this tent can withstand winds of up to 60km/h.

I think if all goes well with this trip – this will be our next purchase once the kids are older.


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Arpenaz 5.2 Camping Tent,Quechua

  • 5 man
  • £239.99

For those with 3 children, this tent is a great choice. There’s a really large living area, so you can spend time in the tent away from the sleeping area. The tent is free-standing and super easy to move once put together.

This tent comes with a bathtub ground sheet that can be folded up in the entrance in case of rain.

Air Seconds 6.3 Camping Tent,Quechua

  • 6 man
  • £499.99

With the capacity to accommodate six people, this inflatable tent has three separate bedrooms, and is a fantastic option for those seasoned campers that enjoy frequent trips every year. There’s so much room within the living area and bedrooms, it’s a fab option if you’re using it for more than a couple of nights.

This too, withstands winds of approximately 60km/h, so it’s a great choice for a UK summer holiday!

Arpenaz 6.3 Camping Tent,Quechua

  • 6 man
  • £199.99

This six person tent is a great option for those on more of a budget. The tent comprises of three separate bedrooms and a spacious living area you can stand up in.

It doesn’t have the black lining that will allow you to lie in later on in the morning, but with potentially four kids in the tent, that’s really not going to happen, sorry guys!

As a large tent you’ll be pleased to know it’s pretty sturdy, withstanding winds of up to 50km/h. A great choice for a large family on their first camping trip.

Air Seconds 8.4 Camping Tent,Quechua

  • 8 man
  • £699.99

Last but not least, this inflatable 8 person tent is a fabulous choice for larger families with older children. It’s perfect for those who prefer something that’s super easy to assemble (who doesn’t!?), and with four separate bedrooms and a HUGE living room, you won’t feel claustrophobic.

It’s a tent for all weathers, sturdy in winds of up to 60km/h.


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