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Best Children’s Books To Kick Off 2020

Whether you are busy planning your family’s 2020 goals, hibernating inside away from the cold, or spending time with family and friends, BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity has put together a list of must-read children’s books as we head into the New Year.

Emily Drabble, Head of Children’s Book commented, “The New Year is always a great time to create new routines and set some goals for the whole family. It’s so important to keep reading top of mind especially as we head into a decade of even more technological improvements! We’ve put together this list of our favourite kids’ books this month to help you set some great reading habits this year.”

My Monster and Me

Author: Nadiya Hussain and Ella Bailey

A boy introduces both himself and his monster, who has been with him for as long as he can remember. An all-round perfect picture book for entertaining and reassuring any child that though anxiety may be a part of life, it does not define us and can be managed.

Ages: 3-5

The Blanket Bears

Author: Samuel Langley-Swain Illustrator: Ashlee…

Alone in the snow, two little bears are cold, scared and missing much of their fur. Thankfully, help arrives in the form of Tilly, who hopes them to find another home. A gentle and heartfelt story that shows the adoption process in an honest, reassuring way.

Ages: 3-5

Don’t Tickle the Hippo!

Author: Sam Taplin Illustrator: Ana Larrañaga

A hilarious touch-and-feel noisy book to excite the interest of very young children. The final double-page spread will have everyone within hearing distance moving to the rhythm!

Ages: 0-3

Time to Eat

Author: Penny Tassoni Illustrator: Mel Four

Toddlers with ponytails and toddlers with braids enjoy all sorts of delicious snacks and meals in Time to Eat. In addition to the story, there are helpful tips for parents and carers about how to introduce new food and encourage a healthy and balanced diet.

Ages: 0-3

The Boy Who Loved Everyone

Author: Jane Porter Illustrator: Maisie Paradise Shearring

A touching tale with a theme of emotional honesty and intelligence, The Boy Who Loved Everyone teaches children that the way others react and feel may not be the same as they might do, but that there are as many ways of expressing love as there are people

Ages: 3-5

Up and Down Mum

Author: Summer Macon

Everyone has good days and bad days, but in some cases, it is far more extreme. This powerful and moving portrayal of a parent with Bipolar Disorder is laced with hope and reassurance. An inspired picture book, created in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust.

Ages: 3-5

How About A Night Out?

Author: Sam Williams Illustrator: Matt Hunt

This rhyming book about what cats do at night hits all the right notes – the rhyme is bouncy, quirky and original and the cats’ expressions are priceless. A thoroughly entertaining read, with lots of opportunity for pulling feline faces!

Ages: 0-3

Tiny and Teeny

Author: Chris Judge

At the edge of Glengadget, the incredibly helpful Tiny lives with her pet fox Teeny. The colourful imagery in this wonderful picture book is deeply appealing, and there’s a gentle message about the good things that happen when we do nice things for others.

Ages: 0-3

Greta and the Giants

Author: Zoë Tucker Illustrator: Zoe Persico

This story, inspired by the life of Greta Thunberg, is for very young children. Suitably for the age group, it’s a tale of hope, positivity and friendship, but there are also ideas at the end for how to get more involved in campaigning.

Ages: 3-5

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