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Introducing Hello Genius, The Dual Parent Child Interactive Learning App

Hello Genius is a revolutionary app-based learning system for 3 – 8 year olds, launching this spring. An app with a difference, Hello Genius is an interactive platform designed to foster closer relationship bonds and encourage greater connectivity between kids and their parents, while offering an extraordinary individual learning experience.

Parental controls: a dual parent-child app

Finally! An app built by parents that understand first hand the challenges of modern parenthood. Founded by Jack Lee, chief executive officer, and Lee Daley, chief strategy and marketing officer, Hello Genius was inspired by their personal experiences as parents and the desire for a better connection and understanding of their children.

Hello Genius is an AI-powered learning application with a ‘parent mode’, that gives you insight into what your kids are up to online. The app provides information on what your kids have recently viewed and how much time they’ve spent in front of their screen.

Parents have the ability to regulate a safe mode, allowing your child to access and interact with other third-party applications selected by the parent, exploring the web in a completely safe space.


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Achieve a deeper understanding of your child’s interests

What sets this app aside from anything else we’ve seen is that it offers parents the opportunity to engage with their children in ways that complement the child’s interests. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Actually, it is.

The software platform utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to build your child’s profile based on valuable data and insights. This gives you a more immediate and deeper understanding of your child’s evolving interests and talents.

Key features include a live activity feed and the ability for parents to share topics in real-time. The live feed also enables parents to receive content from their children via messaging, voice and video call functions and push notifications.

A tailored learning approach in a safe environment

Hello Genius was developed under the guidance of an internationally recognised Founding Board of Directors including renowned education leader and author on child creativity Sir Ken Robinson, Phd. Robinson’s philosophy was that all children have a unique profile of talents and competencies, and should be understood on their own terms in a more nuanced way.

With that in mind, Hello Genius was designed to help nurture the individual interests and potential of every child. The app is powered by an intuitive system that tunes into children’s particular interests and supports them through nonlinear learning pathways. The multimedia content is coupled with a powerful search engine that presents a rich diversity of content to the child within a “walled garden,” allowing unrestrained exploration of ideas within a safe and secure environment.

Discover books and literature, videos and images and view the world through a visual lens. As your child explores, the system adapts to feed his or her curiosity with a tailored learning journey, while revealing your child’s individuality and learning preferences to the parent through quantitative and qualitative data.

Online meets offline

We love how Hello Genius embraces the offline world to further enrich your child’s learning experience. Your child can even scan real-life objects or capture and upload photos to the platform for further learning about their real-world experiences.

Hello Genius also has the ability to suggest offline experiences that will appeal to your child. Think museum visits, hikes and more. There’s even a community feature that allows parents and children to meet up with others with similar interests.

What’s the biggest benefit My Baba readers will get from using Hello Genius?

The Hello Genius Parent App serves to make parents a partner to their children as they learn, building a greater sense of collaboration in the child’s learning experiences providing real-time feeds, connections, insights and data and the ability to share content. We set out to ensure the question ‘What did you do today?’ would never have to be asked again.

Hello Genius offers additional features that not only help parents to further deepen relationship bonds with their children but act as a resource that will support their child’s overall development. Additionally, the app has messaging features to help children and parents stay connected even when they are apart.

The inspiration behind Hello Genius

Co-founder Lee Daley on Hello Genius

“Initially, the idea for Hello Genius revolved around how to ensure that children were safe while using portable devices and exploring online. The anxiety around this challenge has become a major issue globally. This evolved into a far broader discussion around the challenges of parenting children during their formative years and the different dimensions of ‘parental anxiety’ for mothers and fathers who seek to be the best parents they can be, but who are often faced with significant amounts of time away from their children due to work, travel, and the demands of modern life.” says co-founder, Lee Daley.

“I drew from my own experience of raising my daughter and son, who have different personalities and experienced early education very differently, and how I often felt concerned and distressed by my lack of intimacy and closeness to them and their challenges due to the demands of my career. These experiences and the stresses and challenges parents often feel, led to my dedication to fostering a life of learning beyond formal curriculum and to creating a world of real opportunity for all children to learn, excel and uncover their passions while empowering parents and giving them confidence through better connection with and understanding of their children.”

Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security remain the company’s top priority. Deploying Amazon Web Services ensures they adhere to and ensure privacy standards. Captured datasets for each child are only accessible by their parents, never to third parties. The app itself works around very strict role-based permissions and access control, being fully compliant with data privacy laws.

Get the app

Hello Genius is offering free annual subscriptions for the first 10,000 downloads of the platform to help support families during this time. The platform is available for download on any iOS and Android device. Further information on Hello Genius can be found at

Hello Genius is built upon a tiered subscription and when people commit to an annual subscription, they pledge to deploy our technology into the lives of people and individual families who have less ability to pay – underserved communities, developing countries.


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