Maternity jeans should be your style investment during your pregnancy. While your skinnies might fit when you first become pregnant, there will come a point where your denims don’t do up anymore. It’s time to swap a digging-in waistband for some comfortable and stylish maternity jeans. Don’t expect you’ll have to replace your whole wardrobe to dress your bump, but maternity jeans are a ideal staple for casual and smart occasions.

What are maternity jeans?

Maternity jeans are jeans specially designed to dress your growing bump and make sure you’re comfortable throughout your pregnancy. The jeans come in a variety of styles from boyfriend to skinny to straight-leg.

Under-the-bump, over-the-bump or side-elasticated?

Maternity jeans come in two main styles: over and under-the bump. You can also get those with stretching side panels that expand with the size of your baby bump.

Under-the-bump: these jeans have an elasticated waistband that runs under your bump. Many women suggest these work best for the second trimester.

Over-the-bump: these jeans have an elasticated waistband that covers your bump up to the middle. These are more ideal for when you’re getting bigger.

Side-elasticated: these jeans have adjustable side panels that grow with your bump.

Here are the best maternity jeans out there in 2019:



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