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Where To Buy The Best Mud Kitchens + Why They’re So Great For Kids

Mud kitchens, also known as mud pie kitchens or outdoor play kitchens, can offer numerous benefits for young kids. We team up with OutdoorToys to share our recommendations for the best mud kitchens for outdoor play as well as exploring the advantages of incorporating mud kitchens into children’s play.

Best mud kitchens for outdoor play

Messy play can aid development in young children. Experts OutdoorToys, manufacturers of outdoor play equipment for kids, have provided some useful insight into what mud kitchens are, the educational benefits for children, and how you can recreate them at home.

What are mud kitchens?

Mud kitchens are a fun and creative way to get children outdoors and get their imagination going. They typically encourage children to role-play cooking but with mud-based concoctions or sand, as well as other earthly and natural materials like leaves, flowers, and twigs!

Outdoor play gives children the opportunity to get their hands dirty and engage in sensory play. Playing with mud and other earthy materials can help children develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and inspire creativity. These interactive kitchens can also be used to stimulate children and develop their appreciation for nature while they get to explore the different textures of mud, a variety of small insects, and other wildlife.

Outdoor play has many mental health benefits, including mood-boosting and stress-relieving effects. The texture of the mud or sand can also provide a calming and therapeutic experience for children, and overall, they’re a fun and engaging way for children to play.

Choosing the best outdoor play kitchen

Outdoor play kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Some come with additional features, such as planting areas for flowers and water features, taking messy play’s fun and educational benefit one step further.

We’ve round-up three of the best mud kitchens to suit every budget.



Thyme, Muddy Mischief Children’s Outdoor Mud Kitchen Sand Pit, Rebo

Thyme is Rebo’s basic solid wood mud kitchen. Made from pressure-treated timber, Thyme has integrated shelves, a sink and prep area and a bowl included.

A simple design that’ll have those mud pies made in no time!

RRP: £69.99



Chamomile, Muddy Mischief Children’s Outdoor Mud Kitchen Sand Pit, Rebo

Rebo’s Chamomile mud kitchen is the brand’s standard solid wood option.

A sturdy design made from pressure-treated timber, the mud kitchen has integrated shelves, a high back and a look-through opening. There’s a sink, prep area, and wet and dry work areas. Bowl is included.

RRP: £99.99



Peppermint, Muddy Mischief Children’s Outdoor Mud Kitchen Sand Pit,  Rebo

This solid wood deluxe mud kitchen is made from pressure-treated timber and has integrated shelves with a high back and look-through opening. This multi-station design includes a sink and prep area with a breakfast bar and bench seat for the ultimate mud kitchen experience. There are wet and dry work areas for all the fun, and the washing up bowl is included too!

RRP: £144.95

Why mud kitchens are great for children’s development:

Sensory development

Mud kitchens give children an opportunity to get their hands dirty and engage in sensory play. Playing with mud and other earthy materials can help children develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and inspire creativity. They can touch, squish, and manipulate the mud, enhancing their tactile and fine motor skills. Exploring different textures stimulates their senses and promotes sensory development. Other benefits include supporting language development, cognitive growth, and problem-solving skills.

Creativity and imagination

Outdoor play kitchens encourage imaginative play as children transform the mud into various culinary creations. They can pretend to cook, bake, and serve meals, fostering their creativity and imagination. The open-ended nature of mud play allows children to invent their own scenarios and narratives.

Role-playing and social skills

They’re brilliant at facilitating role-playing opportunities, where children take on different roles such as chef, customer, or waiter. Engaging in pretend play helps develop social skills, cooperation, and turn-taking as they interact with their peers. They can collaborate, negotiate, and communicate while engaging in shared activities.


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Cognitive development

Children engage in problem-solving as they figure out how to mix ingredients, measure quantities, and create mud concoctions. They develop an understanding of cause and effect, observation skills, and critical thinking while experimenting with different materials.

Nature appreciation

Mud play connects children with nature. By engaging in outdoor play and interacting with mud, soil, and natural elements, they develop an appreciation for the environment. They learn about the earth, plants, insects, and the ecosystem while enjoying the outdoors.

Physical development

Playing in a mud kitchen involves physical activity. Children engage in digging, pouring, stirring, and lifting, which promote the development of their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They use their muscles and gain strength while manipulating objects and engaging in active play.

Emotional well-being

Mud play can have a calming effect on children and promote emotional well-being. It allows them to freely express themselves, reduce stress, and relax. The sensory experience of mud can be therapeutic and provide a soothing effect, fostering emotional development and resilience.

Environmental awareness

Mud kitchens can instill a sense of environmental responsibility in children. Hands-on experiences teach them about the earth’s resources, recycling, composting, and the importance of caring for the environment.


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