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Sleep Awareness Week: The Newborn Baby Brand You Need To Know For The Ultimate Bedtime Routine

To celebrate Sleep Awareness Week we’ve teamed up with Angelcare to bring you three of their hero products to support the all-important bedtime routine. Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-line baby monitor or bath support to keep your little one safe, Angelcare is a fabulous choice for bath, bed and beyond!

Squeaky clean and ready to dream…

Your baby’s first bath is one of the very first milestones you’ll enjoy together, and bathtime will become an important part of your child’s bedtime routine. We know from experience that bathing a new baby can be a scary prospect; wet and oily babies are slippery and often tricky to handle, so that’s why we recommend investing in a bath support.

Soft Touch Bath Support

The Angelcare Bath Support is easy to use and easy to store, and it’s suitable from birth to six months. Its unique, ergonomic design will keep baby snug, safe and comfy while your hands are free to wash and play. The bath support is made from soft-touch TPE material that warms quickly to your baby’s body temperature and bath water for an experience your baby will love. To make life even easier, there’s a water level indicator so you know exactly how much water to use to keep your baby safe.

The soft touch bath support is hygienic and mould resistant, the mesh material design allows water to drain away for a super-quick drying time so you can store it conveniently until you need it next.

Available in grey, pink and aqua colourways.


Say goodnight to anxious nights…

A baby monitor provides complete reassurance and peace of mind that your baby is sleeping safely. There are lots of baby monitors on the market, with many offering a range of different features. If you’re shopping for a baby monitor, you need to decide which features are most important to you and your baby.

AC327 Baby Movement Monitor with Video & Sound

When it comes to baby monitors, Angelcare has got it sussed. The original baby movement monitor brand, Angelcare incorporates its 25 years of experience in monitor-making with the latest tech and expertly developed features to give you a brilliant, uncomplicated device that’s safe.

Suitable from birth, the AC327 uses contact-free sensor pad technology which sits discreetly under the cot mattress to track even the tiniest of movements, sending out an alarm only when there have been no movements for 20 seconds.

Infrared night vision offers a brilliant view of your baby in a dark room, and its two-way talk-back means you can soothe your baby from afar. The AC327 has a room temperature display on the parent unit so you can keep an eye on when your baby might be getting too hot, or too cold.

Super-simple installation means you’ll only ever need to do it once, and what’s more, the monitor operates without the need for Wi-Fi or internet connection, so it can’t be hacked into. It uses a secure 2.4GHz digital transmission with a range of up to 250 metres, for a completely reliable view of your precious bundle.

The Angelcare monitor can be used in conjunction with two cameras, for multiples or siblings in different rooms. You can hook the cameras to a wall-mount or simply sit them discreetly on a tabletop nursery unit.


Angelcare’s quick tips for newborns sleep

  • The safest place to put your baby down to sleep is in a cot or a Moses basket. For the first six months, they should sleep in the same room, for daytime naps too.
  • Always place your baby on a firm sleep surface, and lay them flat on their back every time they sleep – not on their side or tummy.
  • Place your baby in the feet-to-foot position, so their feet are at the foot of their cot.
  • Ensure blankets are tucked under their arms, or better still, use an age-appropriate baby sleeping bag.
  • Don’t let your baby get too hot.
  • Never put baby to sleep on a pillow, cushion, beanbag, or a waterbed.
  • Never sleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair, this can be one of the most high-risk sleep situations for your baby.

NB: It is important to be close to your baby for as much time as possible. A monitor is never a substitute for parental attention.

And good morning to easy changes…

Nappy Disposal System (Bin & 1 Cassette)

Newborns need changing fairly frequently, so whether it’s before bed, or during your night feed, make life easier by having everything you need to hand. Angelcare’s Nappy Bin is a win when it comes to the night changes, and with its multi-layer barrier bag it locks away odours so you can keep your house smelling fresh.

The nappy disposal system is convenient to use and refill and means you’ll use less plastic overall. All nappies in the nappy bin are safely contained so you won’t have to touch or smell them ever again. Each refill holds enough film for 6 full bins.

We love that it’s so easy to use, there’s no difficult twisting, you just push the nappy through the clamp so you always have one hand free. All it takes is a quick flick of the wrist!


About Angelcare

For over 25 years, Angelcare has been at the forefront of parents’ minds, setting the standard in the world’s best baby items. With a mission to give parents confidence to take a deep breath, relax, and savour every moment of their new life, Angelcare provides innovative and award-winning products for the modern-day family. To explore and shop their wide range of bath, baby monitoring and nappy changing systems, head to Angelcare’s website here.

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