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Organic Baby & Toddler Bedding: Better For Children, Better For The Planet

There’s no dreamier job than creating your baby’s nursery or bedroom, but it’s important to consider the products you’re purchasing. Organic baby bedding is better for your child and kinder to the environment, and when it comes to organic bedding and essentials for kids, Kabode is a one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need. Their selection of playful prints makes a refreshing change to the usual neutral colours associated with babies and toddlers.

Introducing Kabode

Kabode was founded by new parents H and Asma, who struggled to find kids’ bedding that excited and inspired them. Their own daughter suffered from very mild eczema so they were automatically conscious of the fabrics they wanted to use from a health perspective as well as environmental. That’s why all five of their collections are made from super soft 100% organic cotton and other sustainably produced materials.

Why is organic cotton bedding better?

Recent research has revealed that polyester bedding contains microplastics that can be inhaled by your baby or toddler when they’re sleeping. Chemical flame retardants are also routinely used in fabrics and mattresses. Fire-retardant chemicals are skin permeable and are carried around the house by dust and air particles, putting your little ones at risk.

Organic cotton is a plastic and chemical-free alternative that’s softer, breathable, and kinder to sensitive skin. Grown in healthier soils, organic cotton also helps to combat climate change and releases fewer greenhouse gasses. Being completely free from chemicals, there’s less of a chance of your child developing eczema or another skin condition. Organic cotton is mould resistant and antimicrobial too, making it the ideal option for your baby.

Organic cotton fitted sheets for babies and toddlers

Kabode’s fitted sheets are made using 100% organic cotton with a 200 thread count. There are six stylishly cute designs to choose from, and the best bit? As with everything in the range, they’re machine washable and tumble dry, so you can turn around the wash in no time!

Alphabet Fitted Sheet

Organic cotton duvet cover and pillowcase sets for kids

When it comes to shopping for duvet covers and pillowcases, Kabode’s organic cotton sets not only look fantastic but they’ll create a better sleeping environment for your baby. These fun, colourful and creative designs are all sustainably made using 100% organic cotton with a 200 thread count.

Ankara Duvet Cover & Pillowcase

Organic cotton quilts for toddlers up

Why not choose one of these beautifully handcrafted quilts for a really colourful centrepiece? Sustainably made using 100% organic cotton, they’re completely versatile and can be used as a comforter or a bedspread too.

Rainbow Quilt

Organic bedding essentials for babies and children

Whether it’s a dreamy daytime nap, or a restful night’s sleep, creating the ultimate sleeping environment for your baby is a sure-fire way to improve their quality and quantity of sleep. From bamboo mattress protectors to wool pillows and duvets, this collection of sustainable and super soft bedding essentials will ensure your little one is always safe and comfortable in the land of nod.

Cot and cot bed sizes

Kabode’s range of bedding essentials are available in cot and cot bed sizes. Everything is made from 100% certified organic cotton and 100% Woolmark certified Australian wool filling, for a super-soft place to snooze.

Bamboo Mattress Protector

These super soft and luxurious mattress protectors come as a convenient 2-pack, for one on the bed and one in the wash. Being Terry cloth, waterproof fitted sheets they’re incredibly absorbent and so will help your little one feel dry and comfy, without the plastic crunch!

Wool Duvet and Wool Pillow

Wool is a must when it comes to choosing bedding essentials. It’s a natural fibre that will help to regulate your child’s temperature: wool will keep them cool when they’re hot, and warm when they’re not. Wool is also naturally hypoallergenic to keep night-time allergy symptoms at bay.

Kabode’s sumptuous wool duvet and pillow are both made from 100% certified organic cotton and 100% certified Australian wool. The quilted design of the duvet helps to maintain its shape, while the wool pillow works to naturally support your child’s head so they’ll enjoy the comfiest night’s sleep.

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