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Walking In A Wonderbly Wonderland… 10 Personalised Books Your Kids Will Treasure

Personalised stories for children make unique and truly special keepsake gifts, and Wonderbly’s collection of personalised books stand head and shoulders above the rest. With superb illustrations on high-quality pages, these evergreen books will be ones to treasure forever, making the perfect gift.

There are lots of different stories to choose from, so there’s something for every little bookworm. Children will love seeing their name in print, and they’ll delight at playing the starring role within their very own adventure.

Here’s a round-up of ten of our favourite books by Wonderbly – in no particular order, because they’re all fabulous.

I Love You series

Wonderbly’s worldwide bestseller, the ‘I Love You’ series allows you to create a book for up to four children, to show them how much you care.

An everyday adventure from breakfast to bedtime, your child will learn just how much you love them along the way. More than splashy puddles? Of course. More than the ocean? Most definitely! More than all the moons and stars in the universe? Hands down.

The ‘I Love You’ stories are presented as beautifully personalised picture books that you’ll both enjoy reading together before bedtime. There are Mummy, Daddy, and grandparents editions, and as far as keepsakes go, this book is one they’ll treasure forever.

Recommended for ages 0-4 years

Where Are You?

A guaranteed hit with kids, this personalised search and find extravaganza would make the perfect gift.

‘Where Are You?’ characterises your child in six alternative universes, weaving in a story that will captivate children as they spot different versions of themselves on every page.

There are lots of exciting challenges and puzzles within each universe, and the story’s message is clear: set your mind to something, and you’ll achieve it.  This Wonderbly book offers hours of fun for children and adults alike.

Recommended for ages 4-10

Bedtime For You

Lull your little one into their golden slumbers with this beautifully illustrated and personalised bedtime story.

Five woolly lambs, four fluffy chicks, and three super-cute rabbits are on hand to help your little one get ready for bed. The animals count a child down to sleep with soothing rhyming verses and cozy, cuddly illustrations.

‘Bedtime For You’ is the dreamiest countdown to sleep, bringing the sweetest of dreams to your littlest ones.

Recommended for ages 0-4

Lost My Name

‘Lost My Name” is Wonderbly’s ultimate bestseller, with millions of copies sold worldwide. It’s a unique story based on the letters of your child’s name, and every name tells a different story.

Your child must go on a quest to find their missing name, and along the way, they help a cast of curious characters who each hold a clue – revealing the child’s name at the end!

A wonderful keepsake and gift for Christenings, birthdays and Christmas.

Recommended for ages  0-8


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Happy Birthday to You

Wonderbly’s ‘Happy Birthday to You’ makes for a truly unique birthday present. Just add your child’s name and choose their age, and you’ll see their interactive birthday story burst into life. Each letter becomes an animal in the story and you can add your very own dedication to the first page.

‘Happy Birthday to You’ is personalised from the front cover to the final spread for a brilliant birthday keepsake.

Recommended for ages 0-4

ABC For You

‘ABC For You’ by Wonderbly is an alphabet adventure jam-packed full of charming illustrations and hilarious characters.

The story follows the letters of the alphabet, and your child’s name and chosen character will feature on every page of their alphabet adventure. You’ll encounter many weird and wonderful characters along the way, including banana-loving aliens and a musically talented octopus.

Recommended for ages 0-3

My Mummy / Daddy the Superhero

Just an ordinary day in the neighbourhood, until a rampaging robot arrives in town! Only one person has the courage to save the day, but just who is that mysterious superhero? Could it be… MUM? Or DAD?!

Turn Mum or Dad into a superhero with this brilliant Wonderbly adventure, and add up to four children to fully personalise this incredible storybook. Choose three parenting powers, from kind, funny, hardworking, practical, patient or clever. Each power will get its own epic scene in the book, as your superhero parent saves the day!

Recommended for ages 3-8

That’s My Cake!

If you’re looking for a unique way to teach siblings or friends to share, ‘That’s My Cake’ by Wonderbly is a personalised sharing story packed with awesome personalisation and hilarious sibling fun.

The synopsis of the story surrounds an argument over who should eat the last slice of cake, and as the story unfolds the reasons get bigger and sillier! Then, an enormous hairy monster arrives, inspiring the children to work together to save their cake.

You can add the names and characters of up to four children as they appear on the front cover and throughout the story. Add each child’s birth date, so Wonderbly can include even more clever detail into the story.

Recommended for ages 0 to 8

A New Sibling For You

If you’re wondering how to introduce a new baby to the family, Wonderbly’s ‘New Sibling For You’ is the perfect way to do it. A heartwarming story about becoming a big brother or sister, the story aims to reassure your child that there’s always enough love to go around.

You can add your child’s name and character and choose a character for the new arrival. The front cover depicts both children together, and in touching moments throughout the story, so your child can learn what life might be like with a new baby in the family. A truly special keepsake told in simple rhyme and illustrated with farmyard animals. The story’s message is that while some things change, one thing won’t: they’ll still be loved just as much.

Recommended for ages 2-5

Editor’s favourite

“When it comes to personalised books for kids, Wonderbly is leading the way. My favourite was so hard to choose. My kids have had hours of fun with Wonderbly’s ‘Where Are You?’ books, and they’re also great fun for adults too. When it comes to shopping for the perfect keepsake, however, my favourite has to be ‘Your Treasure of Nursery Rhymes’.

“Nursery rhymes are so important for young children. They help develop an understanding of the English language, offering simple repetitive phrases that young toddlers and children are able to repeat. Nursery rhymes help your child’s brain separate words into syllables so they can hear similarities between words that rhyme or start with the same sounds. Learning nursery rhymes ultimately helps children to learn to read.”

Ellie Thompson, Editor, My Baba.

Your Treasury of Nursery Rhymes

Brilliant for children aged 0-3 years old, Wonderbly’s Your Treasury of Nursery Rhymes includes 30 classic songs and stories featuring your child on every page.

A charming personalised keepsake book for any child, this treasury is one they will love. The book is packed full of nursery rhymes, and all incorporate your child’s name.


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