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Why You Need A Pregnancy Pillow And Best Positions For Sleep

Many mamas-to-be find sleep exceptionally tricky, especially from the second trimester onwards. A growing bump can make it hard to get into a comfortable position, and there are a few dos and don’ts to note here. Firstly, finding the best pregnancy pillow is key, and there are lots of options to choose from.

Having tried and tested a fair few products during each of our seven pregnancies, the My Baba team has one conclusion – you can’t beat the Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Support pillow.

Choosing a pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillows tend to be large and cumbersome, which sounds luxurious in theory, but in practice, take our word for it, they’ll turn out to be a nightmare you won’t know what to do with. That’s why we love Dreamgenii, the only patented pregnancy positioning pillow recommended by UK midwives. Designed to mould to your body and bump without taking up room in the bed (great news for partners everywhere!), Dreamgenii is the perfect size.

Optimal foetal positioning: it’s important to sleep on your side when pregnant

The NHS advises that the safest position to go to sleep after 28 weeks pregnant is on your side, either left or right, to enable a good flow of blood and oxygen to your baby. A good pregnancy pillow can help you do this comfortably.

Choose Dreamgenii

Dreamgenii’s simple design helps you achieve that sought-after comfortable sleeping position that feels so elusive during the later stages of pregnancy. It’s also an essential tool in creating the preferred positioning for your child in the run-up to birth. Dreamgenii encourages optimal foetal positioning by helping you sleep on your side, to promote maximum blood and oxygen flow between you and your and baby while you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

New super-soft jersey covers

What’s more, Dreamgenii has gone one step further to ensure the comfiest night’s sleep, with these new super-soft 100% jersey cotton covers. Available in Grey Marl, Beige Marl and White, they’ll complement any bedding. The perfect snuggly cocoon for your bump during the last months of your pregnancy!


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Support that works to reduce pressure on your body

Dreamgenii’s soft bump support cushion provides vital support when you’re sleeping on your left side as well as a back support cushion to support the small of the back. Its design helps to prevent you rolling onto your back at night, as well as successfully reducing pressure on your knees, back and bump. There’s even a unique leg support that comfortably elevates the upper leg, which really helps to align your body and bump.


You can easily switch between left and right sleeping positions

Most people like to switch sleeping positions multiple times at night, and thanks to the unique shape of the Dreamgenii, you’ll find it easy to move from left to right, taking your Dreamgenii with you. We’ve found larger pregnancy pillows to be more static in nature, being too heavy to move in the bed under the duvet. This means you’re stuck in one sleeping place, which can get quite uncomfortable.

The best pregnancy pillow to help symptoms of Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), formerly known as SPD is a condition that affects 1 in 5 pregnant women. PGP can occur at any stage during or following a pregnancy. It’s caused by a pelvic joint problem, causing stiffness and pain in the pelvis. PGP can result in difficulty walking, climbing stairs, and – yep, you’ve guessed it – sleeping.

Dreamgenii is a specialised pregnancy pillow that can help sufferers achieve a comfy sleeping position. Being able to turn easily in the night is a huge bonus, minimising the pain associated with this condition.

Shop Dreamgenii

Dreamgenii has been helping pregnant mamas sleep soundly for over 16 years, and these new sumptuous jersey cotton covers take this award-winning pillow to the next level in comfort. RRP: £53.99.


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