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Best Products To Support Your Baby As They Grow

Where does the time go in between giving birth and seeing your tiny baby grow into a crawling toddler? You spend so much time in pure admiration of them that before you know it they’re already talking and walking.

However, it’s not just you who is responsible for your baby’s growth and development. The products you buy are equally as important and should support them in their youngest years. BabyBjorn is a Swedish family-owned business that started in 1961. They aim to make the earlier years easier though strong, functional and safe products for children up to about three years.

All their products are effortlessly stylish and make for an attractive addition to your home. They have also been made to a high quality from trusted materials so that they are long-lasting and can be passed on from child to child.

Here is a summary of some of our favourite BabyBjorn products and how they can support your baby as they grow:

Baby Carrier Move: £119.99

If you can’t wait to get out and about with your baby then you’re going to love the Baby Carrier Move. This carrier has been designed for longer use, so whether you have a day of running errands or just fancy a leisurely stroll in the park this carrier won’t cause any discomfort or pain.

When purchasing a baby carrier, you’ll want to ensure that it will provide the utmost comfort for your child. The carrier has built-in back support as well as a waist belt and padded straps that provide great pressure relief – after all, your comfort is important too.

What we love about this product is that it’s super easy to take on and off, easy to wash and dry, and offers both facing in and facing out carrying. Holding your baby close is a great way to improve their language development. You can enhance this through talking to them regularly, even if they don’t know what you’re saying.

Baby Carrier One Air £163.99

The Baby Carrier One Air has been designed to make babywearing significantly cooler for you and your baby. This is achieved through its airy 3D mesh fabric which is softer and lighter than most other materials.

Are you familiar with the term “hip-healthy”? This is incredibly important when looking to purchase a baby carrier and something you should look out for. The Baby Carrier One Air has been tested by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute, meaning it provides the correct support for your child and encourages good hip joint development.

Whilst your baby is still small, a baby carrier is a great way to help develop their muscles and bones, particularly their hips and spine. It’s also a fantastic way to promote bonding between you and your baby due to the closeness in proximity in comparison to a stroller.

Bouncer Bliss – £154.99

Everyone deserves a break at some point and this product is perfect if you sometimes need a helping hand. As much as we love to keep our babies close to us, sometimes you both need a break – that’s where the Bouncer Bliss comes into play.

The Bouncer Bliss is perfect if you have things to do but want to keep a close eye on them. Not only is it comfy and relaxing but fun too. In terms of supporting their growth and development, when your baby moves their arms and legs the bouncer will wrock gently which helps to improve their motor skills and balance.

The Bouncer Bliss is available in a range of colours, from Pearly Pink to Navy Blue and can be used from birth to up to the age of two years.


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Travel Cot Light – £224.99

Whether it’s your first time or fiftieth time travelling away from home with your baby or toddler, you want your experience to be as seamless as possible. With the Travel Cot Light, your little one will feel like they never left home.

The mattress is so soft and comfortable once they lie down they are guaranteed to fall into a deep sleep without any fuss. Its airy design is great to keep them cooler in hotter locations as well as enabling you to keep a close eye on them during the daytime nap.

Another great feature of this cot is its practicality. Travelling with a young child can be challenging enough without having to lug around all their travel gear. The Travel Cot Light is as easy to put up as it is to put away. In just one movement the cot is ready to use – travelling has never been so easy.

Booster Seat – £35.99

A pinnacle moment for your child’s growth and development is when they say farewell to the highchair. Whether they have grown out of it or just want to be more grown-up and sit on a chair a booster seat is a great option.

When it comes to purchasing a booster set, safety has to come first. Going straight into just sitting on a normal chair or using pillows for extra height isn’t worth the risk. The BabyBjorn Booster Seat allows your child to sit safely and securely at the table without you having to constantly check upon them.

The booster seat also has extra safety features such as anti-slip textured surface, a childproof buckle and sturdy strap to hold it in place. If your child is three or above and can’t wait to dine like an adult then this is the product for you.

Baby Dinner Set – £33.99

To make your child feel even more like an adult, why not look at treating them to the complete baby dinner set. This includes a plate, cutlery with grip-friendly short handles and an easy-to-hold cup. It also comes with a soft bib that has a deep spill pocket to catch any food that misses the mouth.

All the components within the set have been designed to make for only the cleanest of mealtimes. For example, the plate is difficult to grab so nothing can be tipped off it and its design makes it easier to scoop up food. The cup is also strong and stable which makes it difficult for them to knock over and create any unwanted spills.

The BabyBjorn Dinner Set is a great way to set your little one up for eating like an adult and before you know it, they’ll be eating with a proper knife and fork like a pro.

Potty Chair – £30.99

Using a potty is a big step in your child’s development. Giving them the responsibility and independence to go to the toilet on their own shouldn’t be overlooked and a good, quality potty will help the process run as smoothly and as cleanly as possible.

The BabyBjorn Potty Chair has been designed to make toilet time easy for both you and your child. It has a high backrest and comfy armest which make it comfortable for them to get on with their business without any fuss. Potty training is a large self-care skill for your child and to understand and control their bladder is a huge step in their growth and development.

You’ll be happy to hear that the potty is sturdy and will stay put firmly on the floor to avoid any spills as well as being easy to empty and clean. The potty is available in a range of cute colours from deep green to powder pink.

Step Stool – £20.99

If your child is a little older and past the potty stages, the BabyBjorn Step Stool might be a more appropriate product for you. Not only does this give them that extra freedom in the bathroom but also teaches them the importance of remembering important steps like flushing the toilet and washing their hands.

The stool has been cleverly designed and made from high-quality recyclable polypropylene. This makes the stool long-lasting and can be passed down the family. Using a step stool might seem frightening to begin with but the BabyBjorn Step Stool is stable and slip-free to give you peace of mind when they are using it unattended.

The step stool comes in a range of colours that match some of the other BabBjorn products – why not treat them to the whole collection.


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