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Best Role-Play Toys Of 2023

We’ve teamed up with role-play experts, Casdon, to bring you the best toys for play pretend in 2023! Casdon is a third-generation, family-focused business that believes in the power of play. Casdon manufactures a wide range of toys, each designed to capture a sense of fun and excitement whilst giving children the tools to learn through play – helping to develop social and language skills, core motor skills as well as coordination and numeracy.

We’ve come up with our list of the best role-play toys from Casdon for 2023.

Each would make the perfect birthday present, Christmas gift or simply a special treat.

Casdon De’Longhi Barista Coffee Machine

The Casdon De’Longhi Barista Coffee Machine is designed to look just like the real-life De’Longhi La Specialista – perfect for little ones who love to play pretend and mimic grown-ups. With moving parts and realistic sounds, budding baristas will find great joy brewing up (imaginary!) cups of coffee. The Casdon De’Longhi Barista Coffee Machine has working buttons for coordination and a realistic setup to develop social skills through play as well as a host of lifelike accessories including, a portafilter, two plastic cups, americano coffee pod, cappuccino pod and milk jug.

Casdon Dyson Deluxe Supersonic & Corrale Styling  Set

In true Casdon fashion, the Dyson Deluxe Supersonic & Corrale styling set is just like the real deal, but in miniature form.

The toys’ features include blowing real cool air, sound effects and flex-plate technology on the Dyson Corrale toy hair straighteners. The set includes: Supersonic hairdryer, Corrale straightener, nozzle, diffuser, barrel brush, detangling comb and stand. There’s more than enough in this set to tame any hairstyle, converting it into sleek luscious locks. With plenty of accessories and sound and light effects, styling hair has never been more fun!

Casdon Henry Deluxe Cleaning Trolley

Stacked with a whole lot of cleaning tools to confirm this trolley’s deluxe status, the Henry Deluxe Cleaning Trolley is a must-have for any little one who loves tidying up. There’s something about the Henry Cleaning Trolley that leaves us feeling comforted and oh-so-nostalgic. Whether it’s his cheeky red face or adorable compact design, no home is ever complete without a Henry Deluxe Cleaning Trolley! This deluxe cleaning trolley has everything you could possibly need for role-play cleaning! Little ones will love exploring the magic of Henry and seeing his friendly face all over the products. Whether dusting, brushing or mopping, little ones will learn plenty of ways to explore their imagination.

Casdon Joseph Joseph Bake

Little chefs can run the best bakery in town with help from this Joseph Joseph Bake set! From measuring out accurate amounts of liquids to kneading with the (working!) ergonomic rolling pin, this baking set has just the ticket for anyone looking to get busy in the kitchen!

Perfect for imaginary play as well as real-life cooking, this set helps little ones mimic baking which helps develop key skills like coordination, fine motor skills and, of course, imagination.

Casdon Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Keep your little ones’ play houses clean and tidy with this Dyson Cordless vacuum. This toy vacuum cleaner mimics the real Dyson model down to the last detail, ensuring little ones can get as close to a realistic experience as possible. From the moment they turn the vacuum on, they will be sucked into the excitement that comes from the simulated cyclone action, working suction and lifelike sounds! As the vacuum gets to work, colourful balls will whizz around the transparent cylinder, adding a mesmerising touch to an already breathtaking experience.

Casdon Shopping Trolley

Savvy shoppers can now load up their trolley as full as they like without facing the expensive consequences! This orange and blue toy shopping trolley makes it all the more fun to go shopping around the home, whether pretending the hallway is a supermarket or collecting goods off the bookshelves. Slot the deposit key into the handle, whizz the trolley around, and load up on (pretend) food.

Casdon Electronic Washing Machine

Little ones can now explore their imagination and develop social skills by assisting with jobs around the home. This Casdon Electronic Washer is the perfect addition for any (imaginary or real!) utility room, and with so many energy-efficient features to explore, little ones will remain occupied for hours! if you needed something to convince you that doing the laundry was fun, then this toy washer has just the ticket. Teach your children skills for life: empty the washing basket, load up the washer, put in the powder, and choose a wash speed all accompanied by lights and realistic sounds. Playing with the electronic washer encourages the development of hand-to-eye coordination, problem-solving, motor skills, and visual stimulation.

Casdon Ultimate Styling Case

Whether playing hairdressers or getting your dolly ready for the day, this Casdon Ultimate Styling Case has everything to keep little ones busy! With a light-up mirror, 25+ hair accessories, and a styling booklet to help encourage experimentation, the Ultimate Styling Case is perfect for styling dolls, teddies, friends, and (of course) themselves. The best part? The Casdon Ultimate Styling Case is compatible with Casdon Dyson Hair Styling Sets. So, you can mix and match to create your very own imaginary hair salon! Let your imagination run wild with the Casdon Ultimate Styling Case!

Casdon Joseph Joseph Extend

This wash bowl and drying rack setup has everything possibly needed to make the dishes shine, with crockery & cutlery changing to white when clean! Your little one just needs the Joseph Joseph Extend set to leave their dishes sparking clean. This expandable dish rack works like the real thing – and looks like it, too! Place it beside your kitchen sink for more realistic playtime! Water gets recycled from the bowl to the pump, allowing for endless water play. Watch the colourful crockery turn white when clean!

Casdon Joseph Joseph Salad

Perfect for those aspiring chefs who want to pretend play helping out with the “cooking” at home. The set features realistic sounds and includes everything little ones need to chop, prepare and dress their very own imaginary salad. The Casdon Joseph Joseph Salad Set provides the perfect way to ignite excitement surrounding healthy meals!

Casdon Post Office

Savvy shopkeepers can now get hands-on experience with life as a post office clerk, filing and processing orders for their customers as efficiently as possible. Equipped with everything needed for a tip-top service, your little one will soon be running the best post office in existence! This Post Office set is stacked with features to enhance realistic play, including working scales, a stamper, play money and packaging. Whatever a post office could possibly need, this toy has! And, of course, there is even a post box for once orders have been processed. We weren’t joking when we said you could expect a first-class service!

Casdon Pick n Mix Sweet Shop

Whether organising sweets in the molded trays or weighing goodies on the working scales, little shoppers will absolutely love getting hands-on experience as a shopkeeper. It takes a lot of hard work to run the best sweet shop in town, but with this display counter on their side, the cash drawer will be full in no time! Become a pro shopkeeper and store banknotes and coins in the opening cash drawer and weigh customers’ orders on the working scales. This toy isn’t just for eating sweets! your little ones will also learn early counting and weighing skills.

Casdon Henry Vacuum Cleaner

While real-life Henry vacuums should be classed as an essential item in any home, little ones can only admire from a distance, hoping that one day this cheeky chap will become their friend. But, what if we told you this didn’t have to be the case? What if we told you that your little one could have their very own Henry Vacuum Cleaner?! You read that right – this toy vacuum cleaner looks and works just like the real thing, but instead, is small enough for little hands. With all of Henry’s much-loved features stacked into this mini-me version, your house-proud hero can now whizz around the home and join in with adult tasks!

Casdon Hetty Deluxe Cleaning Trolley

This Hetty Deluxe Cleaning Trolley allows your little one to whizz around the home (in style!), cleaning up as they go. Whether sucking up small bits of paper with the working vacuum or mopping away, they’ll find plenty of tools on the trolley to take advantage of! This deluxe cleaning trolley has everything you could possibly need for role-play cleaning including, a push along trolley,  working hand vacuum, bucket, mop, long-handled broom, dust pan, hand brush, two detergent bottles and a paper debris bag.

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