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Best Soothing Skincare: Balms, Creams and Oils to Treat All Kinds of Skin Conditions

Protect your skin from the elements this winter with this range of recommended skincare. If you’re suffering from eczema, rosacea or dry skin, check out this range of soothing balms, oils and creams.

CBD Super Serum


Aurelia have gone one step further with this scientifically-proven advanced super serum. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory including CBD crystals.

This light weight, highly concentrated serum is fast to absorb and leaves skin feeling hydrated. It’s also fabulous for minimising the appearance of wrinkles.


Rosacea Cream, Gladskin

50ml, €47.2450

A microbiome-friendly rosacea cream which includes active enzyme Staphefekt to reduce facial redness and pustules. You can use the cream daily as part of your usual skincare regime. It’s both hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Intensive Moisturising Ointment, Skin Salvation

120ml, £23.40

This is an intensive moisturising salve suitable for dry, itchy and eczema prone skin. Its formula works by creating a semi-occlusive barrier to protect the skin from external irritants.

Super Balm, Botanics

11ml, £5.99

This gentle, botanical balm is infused with organic rosehip extract rich in omegas and essential fatty acids. It’s a soothing balm that hydrates, soothes and softens, leaving skin soft and smooth.

The Super Balm is great for dry skin and can be used on lips, heels, elbows, hands and cuticles.


Omega Oil, Botanico Vida

125ml, £18.50

A natural formula which puts back the Essential Fatty Acids, omega 3 and other vitamins in the skin. The Omega Oil is an all-rounder in terms of family care, addressing all sorts of concerns such as dry skin, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, rashes, cradle cap and irritated skin.

A fantastic hydrator great for even the most sensitive skin.

All Over Dry Skin Salve, Lano

50g, £17.99

The Lano Skin Salve is a 100% natural product brilliant at hydrating skin and retaining its moisture. It’s brilliant for dry, rough and unhappy skin for use all over the body. It works to protect against the cold weather, or for use as an intense moisture mask.

Serum for Dry Skin, Re-Gen

50ml, £7.99

This Re-Gen Serum helps lift and firm facial and neck contours. Its concentrated formula contains PCL Liquid™ works effectively at diminishing blemishes and pigmentation marks. It’s a serum that’s easily absorbed into dry and ageing skin.

Soothing Treatment Lotion, Origins Dr. Andrew Weil

200ml, £32

This is a refreshing, lightweight, pH balanced solution enriched with nutrient-rich superfoods ingredients, Reishi, Sea Buckthorn and Fermented Chaga. Proven to visibly reduce redness it will leave your skin feeling calm and refreshed.

Perfect for all skin types.

Eczema And Dermatitis Cream, Grahams

50g, £15.99

This cream is made from natural ingredients enriched with manuka honey, calendula, wool fat and centella asiatica to soothe, calm inflammation and reduce redness. Developed especially for sensitive skin and for skin suffering from eczema or dermatitis.

It works on three levels – as an anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and a hydrator to help dry and irritated skin for up to six hours.

Eczema Gel, Gladskin

50ml, €47.2450

The Gladskin eczema cream is similar to their formula used for tackling rosacea. Active enzyme Staphefekt helps to reduce itch and redness. It’s microbiome friendly and both hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Rehydrating Concentrate, Katherine Daniels

30ml, £41

A salon strength liquid formula to rehydrate dry skin. Key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, seaweed, chamomile and mushroom extract together with glycerine, serine and trehalose. This clever formula aims to work three-fold to hydrate, firm and oxygenate the skin.

Rehydrating Concentrate creates an invisible shield to protect against pollution particles for calm and supple skin.


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Skin Replenishing Body Balm, Boots

200ml, £17.60

A luxurious body balm for all skin types, this nutrient-rich formula includes eight plant butters, seed oils and extracts. This long-lasting cream works for 48 hours, leaving skin feeling completely nourished. Formulated using naturally active ingredients include shea butter, rice bran oil and black oat seed extract to soothe skin.

It has a pleasant fragrance of eucalyptus essential oil with a warm, spicy undertone which subtly scents the skin. Perfect for use all over.

Natruline Natural, Holland & Barrett

20g, £2.99

This new 100% natural treatment for lips both hydrates and protects against dry skin by locking in moisture to create a natural barrier. What’s more, this formula includes 0% petroleum.

With Castor Seed Oil, Carnuba Wax and Beeswax, Natruline includes 0% petroleum. Proven to moisturise for up to eight hours.

Seams Hand Cream, Seams Beauty

75ml, £14

I love the SEAMS Hand Cream, as it’s completely non-greasy, and really tough on dry and distressed hands. It helps lock in moisture, leaving your hands feeling super-soft and supple.

It’s jam-packed full of natural ingredients including shea butter, macadamia and rosehip oils, oat beta glucan and pro-vitamin B5.

Nipple SOS, Nessa Organics

30ml, £19

Now it’s time to turn our attention to our all-important nipples! The Nipple SOS cream soothes and renews dry and cracked skin, and is 100% natural, vegan and fragrance free. The Nessa Organics lanolin-free balm with certified organic ingredients including moisture-boosting butters with tropical fruit oils, and it’s a balm that can be used during breastfeeding.


Multi Balm, Ecooking

75ml, £17.25

This Danish all-round balm is brilliant for dry or sensitive skin. Fragrance and paraben free, its organic and natural ingredients include shea butter, thistle oil and antioxidant vitamin E, to make an intense moisturising and hydrating balm. It’s great for dry areas including cracked lips, elbows, hands and fantastic for insect bites.

A balm that restores and regenerates both face and body.

Anti Redness Cream, Ecooking

50ml, £24

This velvety cream replenishes and moisturises while soothing and strengthening sensitive and acne-prone skin. Its anti-inflammatory Chamomile protects against free radical damage and premature ageing, while minimising the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores.


Renewal Calming Cream, Epionce

230ml, £61

The Epionce calming cream is clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of eczema, including itching, redness and dryness. Formulated with cholesterol and ceramides to protect the skin’s barrier and repair dry and sensitive skin, .

Intense Oil, Jane Scrivner

30ml, £25

This 100% organic and cold pressed oil is naturally rich in vitamins A, C and E. Brilliant for fine lines, wrinkles, mature skins, pigmentation, scars, sun damage and dry skin, it contains high levels of essential fatty acids.

The oil has a beautifully rich and earthy smell, but disappears on application.

Perfect for an overnight quick fix.

Epoch® Blemish Treatment, Nu Skin

15ml, £14.94

Soothe, calm and clear pores with this blemish treatment by Nu Skin. Its aim is to reduce redness and clear-up acne prone complexions.

Includes Job’s Tears extract, yarrow and burdock to soothe and moisturise even the most sensitive of skin.

Kelo-Cote Silicone Scar Gel

15g, £15.94

A patented silicone gel that’s clinically proven to smooth, soften and flatten scars. This silicone gel reduces redness and relieves the itching, pain and discomfort associated with a scar. It’s great for c-section scars, but can also be used in children too.

The Kelo-Cote self dries to form an invisible breathable and waterproof sheet within 4-5 minutes, providing 24 hours of protection. Recommended treatment is 60-90 days.


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