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5 Smart Watches For Kids

If you’re shopping for a smart watch for kids that allows you to stay in touch but keeps them offline in terms of social media, take a look at our round-up of five of the best models on the market.

Xplora X5

This smartwatch is designed for kids comes sim free and requires a prepurchased nano sim before you can start using the watch. But when you have it hooked up, it means you can stay in contact with your children without them having access to social media or the internet. Contacts are managed by the downloadable app. You can create safe zones too which alert you when your child enters or leaves the zone. Your child will be able to make and receive calls from their watch and can also display text messages. There is a school mode which disables the interactive features during class time. It also has a 2MP camera so they can take basic pictures which they can share with you and it comes in 3 colours.

Spacetalk Adventurer

All in one smart watch and phone with a 5MP camera to capture photos and videos. It has an inbuilt heart rate monitor and step counter, and a GPS tracking along with a 4G mobile technology to keep you connected. School friendly, no social media, games or internet and it has a great parental control that you can manage for your own smartphone.


The Moochies phone watch is a standalone phone with built-in sim card. No social media and works through the My Moochies app on your smartphone giving parental control. It also works with a camera, and pedometer and you can get the school times. They also have some super cool accessories in the form of funky straps and screen protectors.

Galaxy Watch

Setting up this watch, was incredibly stressful but it is a very good entry for tweens keeping in touch. My daughter doesn’t have a phone yet so I had to buy a Galaxy phone with their cheapest contract. The features are pretty incredible, and it is incredibly lightweight. However, its battery life doesn’t ever last a day and in order for it to work the smartphone needs to be switched on and charged! But it is a slick-looking watch that can track health goals and is simple to navigate. My daughter loves being able to change the watch face and call/text me at the touch of the button. Parental controls are easiest to set up using the Galaxy phone to keep track of things.

Apple Watch

My son doesn’t have a phone yet but I like to be able to get a hold of him. The apple watch is super simple to set up, but like the galaxy it was stand-alone and didn’t require a smartphone to work. They have set up a family planning service which is fantastic, however, it only works if you already have a contract with EE. I don’t so it meant setting up a whole new contract. As you can imagine, there is no end to the apps available and everything about the product is slick and finished. My son loves swapping the straps and you can easily change the watch display which is pretty fun. Info is ever-changing with Apple so if you are interested in having a cellular model make sure you check out parameters with an apple genius.


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