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Shopping For The Best Sporty Pushchair? Check Out The NEW CYBEX ZENO

If you’re researching the best sporty pushchair for your baby, you’ve got to check out the new 4-in-1 multisport stroller, the CYBEX ZENO. The ZENO is designed for push running, hands-free running, cycling and cross-country skiing. It’s perfect for adventurous parents wanting to embrace the outdoors with their little one.

We were super excited to test out the ZENO, and while we can’t firsthand confirm its skiing credentials, we took it running and cycling around town and country. Here’s the low-down.

Introducing the CYBEX ZENO

CYBEX’s innovative new sports range is inspired by former professional athlete and founder Martin Pos, and is part of the brand’s GOLD collection.

The ZENO is designed for active parents so they can continue to enjoy exercising with the kids in tow. We review a fair few pushchairs in our line of work at My Baba, but this is the first my husband has been actively excited about testing, being a sporty chap. (Let’s face it, the best sporty pushchairs don’t come along that often!)

Our first impression of the ZENO was that we were about to unpack the most monstrous stroller on the face of the planet, judging by the size of the main box it arrived in. Once we’d successfully wrestled the stroller and the wheels out of the box, we stood back admiring its sleek design.

There are no two ways about it, the CYBEX Zeno is a super-smart offering in every colour. I really wanted the silver pink, but our youngest buggy-aged child is a boy, so my husband’s choice of Maliblue trumped mine.


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4-in-1 multisports stroller

Designed for use on city streets and level terrain, the CYBEX ZENO has four sporty modes, and with its 20” rear wheels and suspension, both you and your child are in for the ultimate smooth ride, whatever you’re up to.

The ZENO is built with a lightweight aluminum frame and has an ergonomic adjustable handlebar as standard, so it’s perfect for walking/jogging and one-handed steering. The hands-free running kit offers a natural running experience as you effectively strap the buggy to your waist via a long-running arm, so you can jog and ski with your little one right behind you. If cycling’s more your thing, you can opt for the accessory that turns your stroller into a bike trailer. This has to be my favourite mode, as it gave us the freedom to get out and cycle, and the kids both absolutely loved travelling in the back.

Suitable for six months to 4 years

Suitable for babies six months to approximately four years of age, the Zeno opens up a whole new world of exploration and outdoor adventure. My children are two and a half and four years old, and both now squabble over who gets to go in the sporty pushchair.

With plenty of space for bigger kids up to 22kg, the Zeno’s contoured sport seat offers maximum comfort for little passengers in every mode. The cabin’s height can be adjusted to your desired fit to ensure safety in all configurations.

How easy is it to switch between modes?

Another huge plus point that makes the CYBEX Zeno one of the best sporty pushchairs is that it has been designed with a Multisport Adapter Point. This means you’re guaranteed a quick and secure transition between each mode, and you won’t ever have to use any additional tools.

Compact fold

It’s unbelievable really, but the Zeno is built to fold into a compact shape so it can be easily stored under the stairs, or in your car boot. That for us, was a real plus, as it meant we could take the buggy further afield on camping trips, without worrying about it eating up too much boot space.

The CYBEX Zeno is a welcome addition to our household, as now whenever Jamie announces he’s going for a jog, he’s under obligation to take one of the children with him. Result.

Buy now

Head over to CYBEX and personalise your buggy with a choice of five colourways, and three different frame colours.

For those keen skiers it’s important to note that the ZENO is only designed for cross-country skiing over level surfaces, and must never be used for downhill skiing.


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