If you’re looking to get the kids offline this Christmas, why not consider investing in a subscription box for kids? We’ve come up with this awesome round-up of the best subscription boxes for children. The best bit? Subscription gifts can be enjoyed all year round, and there’s something to suit every child. Choose from baking and reading to gardening and crafts, and enjoy a little gift each month throughout the year.

Baked In

Baked In’s new Junior Baking Club is the perfect gift for mini bakers. These exciting subscription kits drop a surprise box through letterboxes every month with an easy-to-follow, fun recipe so your little ones can get creative in the kitchen.

Aimed at ages 5 to 11, the kits include all the dry ingredients weighed out, meaning fuss-free baking with no waste.

Expect a yummy selection of recipes from blondies and cupcakes through to cookies and slices… perfect for sharing with family and friends!

Banjo Robinson

Meet Banjo Robinson, the globe-trotting cat who will be your 5-8 year old’s new best friend.

This super fun (yet sneakily educational!) subscription sees children receive two activity-filled letters, in the post, every month. Children receive a big, beautiful world map poster and activity-filled letters including personalised stories, stickers, reply stationery, recipe cards and activity sheets – introducing curious minds to the wonders of the world and providing hours of screen-free fun. They can’t wait to write back to him and learn more about his global adventures!

Mud and Bloom

Mud & Bloom is a children’s gardening and nature crafts subscription box aimed at 3-8-year-olds, delivered through your letterbox at the beginning of each month. Aiming to connect children with nature, these boxes are put together by trained teachers with influence from Forest School, Montessori and Steiner education.

Each box includes everything you need for four seasonal gardening and nature craft activities along with nature news, spotting activities and games to teach children about animals, plants, insects, birds and the seasons.

Seeds are certified organic and biodynamic wherever possible, with organic peat-free compost pellets in each box so you can get planting immediately. What’s more, the box, packaging and contents are all environmentally friendly.


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Toy Box Club

Toy Box Club is an award-winning monthly subscription service run by mums for kids aged 0-4 years old.

For as little as £35 a month, they deliver a box of personally curated toys, books, and puzzles straight to your door, so your kids will never get bored. After the month’s up, they’ll collect and swap them for a different set.

Gender-neutral, fun, and educational toys are sent and collected in 100% recyclable boxes, and everything arrives in great condition, having been through a rigorous cleaning process using non-toxic and bio-degradable Ecover cleaning products.


Whirli’s toy subscription service is designed for 0-8-year-olds. Whirli allows your child to regularly update their toy box and remove the post-Christmas present boredom through a circular model that continues to deliver exciting new toys whilst contributing towards the reduction of landfill waste and extending product lifecycle.

All you have to do is subscribe to a play, choose your toys, and enjoy unlimited playtime, there are no time limits and penalities on when you have to swap, so you won’t risk taking away a popular toy too soon. When you are ready, you simply send your toys back so that Whirli can credit your account, letting you swap the toys for something else! The bonus? You can even keep the ones your children can’t part with for less than retail value.

Parrot Street Book Club

Parrot Street Book Club is an exciting children’s book subscription delivering fantastic books and activities for children aged 5 – 14 years old.

Whether snuggled under bedcovers or curled in a lap, being captured and transported by a story is a magical experience that’s hard to beat.

Parrot Street is brilliant at sending books you won’t easily have discovered yourself from a wide range of authors and genres. Every book is paired with activity ideas, bursting with fun and helping children connect more deeply with what they’ve read.

Little Cooks

A monthly subscription box that offers hours of healthy cooking fun for children in one happy little box! Every month, Little Cooks send out a new healthy baking recipe, stuffed full of ingredients that pack a nutritious punch!

Each kit contains all dry organic ingredients needed to make that month’s healthy bake, carefully packaged in compostable bags. No refined sugars, only natural ingredients; stuffed full of nutrition and health. In each box you’ll recieve collectable recipe cards, designed for little hands and minds. Each kit includes a new healthy baking recipe plus a savoury family meal.

Every little cook receives a record book with their first box to track their baking journey. Each month they receive a collectable sticker to add to their book plus badges and surprises!


Storytime is the UK’s best story magazine and one of the leading magazines for children, used by thousands of teachers and parents in over 60 countries. There are no adverts, no plastic toys, and each issue arrives in a special envelope, so children have the excitement of receiving their own post!

Storytime children’s magazine helps to improve literacy with great content that families can keep forever. When kids read for the sheer pleasure of it, it improves their reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary, but best of all it’s just fantastic fun! Over 700 illustrated stories have appeared in the pages of Storytime, from the familiar to the new, across a range of categories, including myths, fables and fairy tales. Storytime showcases tales from around the world and have a wealth of stories from all corners of the globe.

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The Bike Club

The Bike Club is the UK’s first monthly kids’ bike subscription service. They offer high-quality kids’ bikes that can be exchanged as children grow. This means your child can cycle with confidence, enjoying the perfect-sized fit at all times. You can hire everything from balance bikes for toddlers, to first bikes and hybrid/off-road options. That’s Christmas and beyond completely sorted!

They’ll help you find the ideal option for your child, by taking an inner leg measurement and your child’s age. There are no large upfront costs and you can arrange everything from the comfort of your own home.

Toucan Box

The Toucan Box is a flexible subscription encouraging crafting, creativity and learning in children aged 3-8.

Inspired by Montessori learning and championing STEAM, each toucanBox is built by educational experts to help develop key skills. ToucanBox fits through your letterbox, stashed with all the materials you need to make two crafts and is personally addressed to your child.

Enjoy the hands-on process of making, then play! Finished crafts turn into interactive games, dress-up, role-play, toys and much more, so there’s lots to keep them amused.

Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery has launched its brand-new product range, stage-based subscription Play Kits. Designed by child development experts, The Play Kits help parents make the most of playtime at every stage and support child brain development from infancy through toddlerhood.

There are 14 stage-based Play Kits for ages 0-36 months, so you can be sure your child is enjoy age-appropriate toys. Each kit is jam-packed full of expert-designed playthings and information, delivered at just the right developmental window every 2–3 months.

All Lovevery Play Kits also include Montessori-inspired board books with real images and stories of real people, along with a Play Guide that includes expert research, child development info, at-home activity ideas, and ways to play.

GirlBe Empowerment Boxes For Girls

Determined to empower the next generation of strong women, GirlBE Club offers 7-12-year-old girls a big dose of positivity, mindfulness and inspiration every month straight through the letterbox with its monthly box subscription.

Each month covers another important topic, so your teenager can feel informed and empowered. Included is the GirlBE magazine covering articles on inspirational young teenage role models, a collectable keepsake card of an iconic female, plus a whole box of treats and surprises to reinforce the theme, and to make every box feel like a treat!



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