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Best Summer Subscription Boxes & Kits For Kids

If you’re eager to help your kids disconnect from screens this school holiday, why not invest in a summer subscription box for kids? We’ve come up with this amazing list of the top subscription boxes tailored for children, so all you have to do is choose. These subscription gifts can be enjoyed throughout the entire year, catering to the interests of every child. With options ranging from baking and reading to gardening and crafts, they’ll love receiving a small surprise gift on the doorstep every month, making the summer season even more special.

Best summer subscription boxes for kids

Mud and Bloom

Mud & Bloom boxes are for 3-8-year-olds and delivered through your letter box at the beginning of each month. The award-winning children’s gardening and nature activity box for July box has a seaside theme, perfect to celebrate the time of year.

This summer subscription box for kids includes everything you need for four seasonal gardening and nature craft activities, along with nature news, spotting activities and games to teach children about animals, plants, insects, birds and the seasons.

Mud & Bloom’s seeds are certified organic and biodynamic wherever possible and they also provide organic peat-free compost pellets in each box so you can get planting immediately.

Activities have been created with influence from Forest School, Steiner and Montessori education.

Willow and Wild Box

Introducing the Willow & Wild Box, the perfect way to ignite your little explorers’ creativity and nurture their love for nature all year round!

Their personalised monthly boxes are tailor-made for 3 to 9-year-olds, brimming with exciting materials and engaging activities centered around gardening, crafting, cooking, making, and more. Watch as your kids discover the wonders of the outdoors!

We love that this brand is committed to sustainability, with all box contents being plastic-free whenever possible, and all seeds are certified organic. You can choose from a variety of options, including LetterBox, BumperBox, Siblings Box, and SiblingsBumperBox subscriptions, or opt for a one-off monthly box without any subscription commitments.

Little Hands Learning

Calling all budding explorers! Get ready for a spring-summer adventure with this delightfully themed box!

Inside, you’ll find a captivating book, step-by-step instructions, a words of the month card, and four exciting activities thoughtfully designed by teachers. Embark on a baking journey, go on an adventurous scavenger hunt, try your hand at growing wild strawberries, and explore the world of cyanotype printing!

For siblings eager to join the fun, the summer subscription sibling box has got you covered, providing enough materials for two children to enjoy all the fantastic activities together.

The Curiosity Box

Get a box brimming full of seriously fun science and engineering experiments, and collectable kit, for your bright little spark, delivered every month! Order the CuriosiTOTS box for the inquisitive 4-6-year-old in your life, and they’ll be having too much fun to notice that they’re getting a head start in science!

With a focus on exploratory, sensory science, building creativity and problem-solving skills, each box contains about 4-5 hours of activity time, furthermore, everything is mapped onto the primary science curriculum. Everything you need is included (aside from the odd bowl or bit of sticky tape), so it’s easy for your 4-6-year-old Curiositeer to start exploring, discovering and inventing at home!

Giant Butterfly Garden

While this one isn’t a subscription, the Giant Butterfly Garden kit allows you to reorder caterpillars year after year, giving you endless opportunities to witness the incredible butterfly metamorphosis right in your home or classroom.

Prepare to be captivated by the magical transformation of caterpillars into stunning Painted Lady Butterflies with this giant-sized version of our beloved Live Butterfly Garden. It’s an enchanting experience for both kids and adults!

Watch in awe as the caterpillars undergo their extraordinary changes, and once they become magnificent adult butterflies, you can release them into the wild. Enjoy the wonders of nature with the Giant Butterfly Garden – a truly unforgettable journey!

My Fairy Penpal Membership

My Fairy Penpal is a magical subscription for children that encourages them to enjoy developing their reading and writing skills as well as igniting their amazing imaginations!

First, your fairy will send you a magical welcome pack containing the following:

  • A personalised letter from your Fairy Penpal
  • A fairy door and paints
  • Aria’s storybook
  • A friendship bracelet and bookmark
  • A fairy dust recipe and mini bottle

And there’s more… Every fortnight another fairy package will arrive packed full of things to spark your child’s imagination!

MEL Science

Carry on learning with this fantastic science-y summer subscription box for kids. Get ready for a monthly adventure filled with discovery, bonding, and endless fun! Explore over 100 hands-on science kits designed to ignite curiosity and learning. Safety is our top priority, so rest assured that all our kits are rigorously tested and certified child-friendly, perfect for exciting home use.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Ages 5–10+

Let your kids dive into the world of science with our eco-friendly microscope, launch digital space rockets right from your living room, and learn through interactive play.


Ages 8–14+

Spark your kids’ imaginations as they assemble models of everyday devices, understand their inner workings, and dive into the fascinating world of physics with virtual reality.


Ages 10–16+

Create cherished memories with your kids’ first chemistry lab, conduct safe and exciting experiments, and embark on a thrilling journey inside molecules using cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

Banjo Robinson

For children who love reading and writing, meet Banjo Robinson, the globetrotting cat who will be your 4-9 year old’s new best friend.

This super fun (yet sneakily educational!) subscription has Banjo sending activity-filled letters, in the post, every month. Children receive a big, beautiful world map poster, stories written by your favourite children’s authors, stickers, reply stationery, recipe cards and activity sheets – introducing curious minds to the wonders of the world and providing hours of screen-free fun. The best part… 9/10 children will write back to Banjo, leaving their reply under the sofa for overnight collection by his animal friends.

Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery’s stage-based subscription Play Kits are designed by child development experts to help parents make the most of playtime at every stage. Each kit is jam-packed full of expert-designed playthings and information and is designed to support child brain development from infancy through toddlerhood.

Lovevery’s kits include all sorts of super-cool stuff your little ones will love. There are books to reflect real-life experiences, in addition to Playthings, activities, and parent resources for purposeful play and STEM learning, such as the Modular Playhouse, Squeeze & Spray Mop, Plan Ahead Weather Board, Wooden Emotional Dolls, and Montessori-inspired Math Bars & Number Tiles.

Play Kits are crafted from sustainably sourced materials and water-based, non-toxic finishes and are distributed via carbon-neutral shipping.

Baked In’s Junior Baking Club

Wondering how to spend a rainy day this summer holidays? With Baked In’s summer subscription box, kids’ll learn new recipes to impress friends and family.

Baked In’s monthly baking kit costs from £9 per month, including free UK delivery. These exciting subscription kits drop a surprise box through letterboxes every month with an easy-to-follow, fun recipe so your little ones can get creative in the kitchen. Aimed at ages 5 to 11, the kits include all the dry ingredients weighed out, meaning fuss-free baking with no waste. Our kits contain all the dry ingredients, an easy-to-follow recipe card and some handy extras like baking paper.

Expect a yummy selection of recipes from blondies and cupcakes to cookies and slices, perfect for sharing with family and friends!

Sculpd Kids

Immersive craft kits for 4-9+ years old, you can choose from two craft kits: pottery and painting. Designed specifically with children in mind, you’ll find quirky packaging, playful guidance, hidden notes and personalised mess mats. Each Sculpd Kids kit has been made to capture their imagination.

The pottery kit provides step-by-step instructions on how to make coasters, domed treasure pots, curvy coil pots and wall hangings, or children can use their imagination to create whatever they wish!

Each month, a new kit will be delivered covering pottery, painting and mosaic. With a new range of craft kits are set to arrive in 2023, delving into topics like space travel, marine life and well-being.


The toucanBox is a flexible subscription encouraging crafting, creativity and learning in children aged 3-8.

Inspired by Montessori learning and championing STEAM, each toucanBox is built by educational experts to help develop key skills. ToucanBox fits through your letterbox, stashed with all the materials you need to make two crafts and is personally addressed to your child.

Enjoy the hands-on process of making, then play! Finished crafts turn into interactive games, dress-up, role-play, toys and much more, so there’s lots to keep them amused.

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