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Our Guide To The Best Sustainable Products For Mamas & Babas

Welcome to My Baba’s guide to the best sustainable baby brands and products that we have tried, tested and loved. From sustainable baby kit to baby food, maternitywear and skincare, this round-up is jam-packed with sustainable products you can rely on for a brighter future.

Pure Earth Collection

Pure Earth Collection is a growing company that creates natural, non-toxic and biodegradable children’s products perfect for your baby’s nursery. Founded by Emma Bianco and previously trading as Little Earth Baby, Pure Earth Collection are passionate about keeping our little ones safe, as well as being kind to the environment. All of their products are beautifully designed to a very high standard and are free from formaldehyde, BPA, phthalates, EVA foam, polycarbonate and other nasty chemicals.

The Little Green Sheep

The Little Green Sheep is a sustainable baby brand on a mission to use natural and organic materials to create stylish, long-lasting products that are away from chemicals. Their beautifully crafted products are always made with comfort and safety at the forefront of their designs.

From lovingly made Moses baskets, natural cot and cot bed mattresses, as well as a whole host of other baby essentials, you’ll find everything you need for your baby’s natural nursery at The Little Green Sheep.

Eco-Touch Nappy Bin, Shnuggle

With a fuss-free, one-handed ‘drop and go’ operation, simply open the lid and pop the nappy inside for a minimal touch change time. The dual-seal odour airlock keeps unwanted odours trapped inside, even when the outer lid is open and also when changing the bin liner and an anti-bacterial treatment has been added to everyday touchpoints. 

Eco Touch Nappy Bin is cassette free, saving on ongoing costs and plastic waste as well as being free from single-use plastic and made from 100% recyclable plastic. To accompany, Shnuggle offer Better Bag Nappy Bin Liners which are 100% biodegradable making the Eco-Touch Nappy Bin a kinder choice. 

Compatible with disposable, reusable and eco-friendly nappies and wipes, the Eco-Touch Nappy Bin ensures parents’ choice is supported.


Cuddledry was founded in 2006 by two mums and long-term friends Polly and Helen after the births of their first children.

Their product range is made largely from bamboo because of its high sustainability and durability, and all packaging is recyclable. All of their products are made with longevity in mind, but if your towel really does reach the end of its life (and in 16 years this has not happened yet!) it can be recycled, thanks to the cotton and bamboo blend.


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MerryGoRound stock and supply a wide range of fabulous eco-friendly products from popular sustainable baby brands. Muslinz, Wooly Organics and BrightBots are three brilliant companies under the MerryGoRound umbrella busy championing sustainability and a move towards reusable, recyclable nappies and baby kit.

Invest in Wooly Organics’ beautifully cute soft toys made from 100% organic cotton and corn fibre as opposed to polyester. Ditch the wet wipes and disposable nappies and try a washable nappy wrap, stock up on easy to wash muslin square and prefolds. Or, go the whole hog and embrace the original Terry nappies, which are back and more popular than ever.

MerryGoRound manufacture MuslinZ and Bright Bots in Pakistan in ISO and Oeko-Tex certified factories, which is also the source of the cotton they use. The fabric is woven and the products are made in the same place. to avoid shipping fabric around the world to different factories. All products are shipped directly by seafreight containers to reduce their carbon footprint to our UK warehouse.

In the UK, MerryGoRound aims to work on a zero/minimal waste basis. They re-use or recycle all boxes and ply bags that the goods arrive in, they use natural light in their main warehouse 80% of the time and they’re always reviewing working practises to reduce energy consumption and waste. They even have their own compost heat for our kitchen waste!

Mama Bamboo

When it comes to sustainable baby brands and nappies, Mama Bamboo’s nappy range is B-Corp status approved, which means their nappies meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Their product range is made mostly from bamboo, which grows without gallons of irrigation, unlike cotton. The bamboo plant doesn’t need chemicals, pesticides, or fertilisers to grow, and by using Bamboo as the core component for products they’re using a plant with low water consumption, low needs for pesticides and sustainable certifications. Mama Bamboo also uses only 100% compostable packaging.

This is a brand on a mission to donate 20% net profits to charities such as WWF, The Little Village Project and The Bamboo Village. They’re busy creating and supporting local jobs within their Uganda bamboo plantation and community business village, enhancing soil consistency, fertility and improving the ability for locals to plant small sustenance farms every day.

Biodegradable Wipes, Mama Bamboo


WaterWipes produce biodegradable baby wipes made from 100% renewable plant fibres. They have been independently tested to meet the industry standard for biodegradability (EN13432) and will biodegrade in 12 weeks. When a material biodegrades, it means that given the right conditions and presence of microorganisms, fungi, or bacteria, it will eventually break down to its basic components and blend back in with the earth. WaterWipes baby wet wipes remain purer than cotton wool and water, but are now better for the planet. What’s more, they’ve also updated their packaging to reflect the new water wipes inside.

Kit and Kin

Kit and Kin’s eco nappies use sustainable, plant-derived materials to help end dependency on non-renewable resources and to protect the future of your baby’s world. The nappy’s super-absorbent core contains bio-based gels and totally chlorine-free, FSC® certified wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. The top layer, outer lining, leg cuffs and packaging are all made from 100% sustainable materials. All of Kit and Kin’s products are produced in a carbon-neutral factory.

Eco by Naty

Naty nappies avoid oil-based plastics and nasty chemicals. The core of Naty nappies is made from 100% FSC certified wood pulp, which is not only totally natural but really good at sucking up liquid. The other layers are made of natural biodegradable materials making the nappy breathable and comfortable on skin.

Naty’s promise is to use renewable and compostable materials that are good for the environment and the health of our bodies with no hazardous chemicals. To guarantee no hazardous chemicals they test each raw material and product in an independent lab.


TotsBots source materials as locally as possible and manufacture all of their nappies and accessories right here in the UK. Wherever possible, they ship goods by surface, using less fuel and creating less carbon emission.

Their packaging is reusable wherever possible, and the multi-packs come in a handy zipped PVC bag, great for all those pens and crayons that can accumulate! Single cloth nappies and wraps are packed in oxy-biodegradable packaging.

Bambino Mio

Sustainability is at the root of all of Bambino Mio’s products.

With responsible manufacturing processes, they make sure their products are designed to last. They’re busy working with NGOs, local and national governments, and policymakers to raise awareness about the benefits of reusable nappies.

Bambino Mio is a sustainable baby brand proud to be a leading member of the Nappy Alliance.

Ergobaby Aerloom

Ergobaby’s innovative new baby carrier Aerloom is a lightweight, breathable baby carrier made from sustainable materials, and a fabulous choice for newborns up.

The Ergobaby Aerloom is made with premium Formaknit, a sustainable, machine-knit fabric that feels both lightweight and durable. Formaknit itself is made with 87% post-consumer recycled polyester, which is the equivalent of about 26 water bottles (with cap) per carrier!

Each carrier is knitted to shape and trimmed to spec, creating less waste in the manufacturing process. Wrapped and posted in eco-conscious packaging, for an even lighter carbon footprint, the Aerloom is hitting the ball out of the park on all fronts.

Montessori Toys at Kidly

Montessori toys are healthy, natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Made mostly from natural and non-toxic wood, they’re durable and educational. Montessori toys are beautiful, as well as fostering children’s imagination they encourage natural and open ended play. We’re huge fans of the range available at Kidly, with Janod being our go-to for fabulous toys for all ages.

Magnetic Rocket, Janod

Sailing Boat, Plan Toys


Boori cares passionately about the planet as well as your home, which is why they use sustainable materials wherever possible and adopt processes that reduce their impact on the environment. Their furniture is designed to support families as they grow, which is why we have created a range of products with our unique technology to prevent you from buying additional furniture at every stage of your child’s development.


Piccolo’s mission has always been to provide children with a healthy start in life. They source organic ingredients from independent family farms to continually offset all the carbon related to their company activities. Organic farming doesn’t use pesticides or herbicides and often means spaces are set aside for wildlife to flourish. Piccolo supports organic farming, understanding the direct connection between our health and how the food we eat is produced.

Piccolo is a company working tirelessly with suppliers, recently launching a single-layer pouch that’s 100% recyclable. They’ve also just launched the UK’s first bio-based pouch, made from plant-derived materials that will grow back.

Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen always makes sure their recipes are just right for tiny tummies. That means they only use the best quality, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. Products like Ella’s Kitchen’s Cauli-Pizza, the latest addition to the Big Kids frozen range, contain 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar and artificial flavours, and sprinkled with British cheddar. Their First Tastes range also contain organic single veggies, such as their Sweetcorn Sweetcorn Sweetcorn pouch that was launched last year.

For their packaging, all card, plastic pots and trays are fully recyclable and although the pouches and snack wrappers are not currently accepted for recycling by local councils in the UK (via kerbside collection), they can be recycled through EllaCycle’s sustainable recycling programme in partnership with Terracycle.


For almost 30 years, Organix has been creating tasty, organic food and campaigning to improve the standard of what’s on offer. They’re busy working hard to protect the earth’s resources and make food in the most sustainable way they can. They have many high environmental standards in place and are continually setting big goals for the future. As the first brand to offer a fully organic range for children, Organix has always followed environmental best practice, using organic farming methods which means their foods are free of artificial fertilisers and use naturally-derived pesticides which is not only good for the planet but good for little ones too.

Organic farms have lower emissions and use less energy, are less likely to pollute our soils and waterways, plus organic soils mean healthy soils as they store more carbon. Organix also ensures that nothing from production practices goes to waste, it’s either sold on, donated to charity or broken down into animal feed. They’ve set ambitious targets over the next few years – for fully sustainable packaging by 2023, and being currently at 85%, to making a commitment to be climate positive by 2030. Organix is proud to be protecting the resources of our planet in order to create a brighter future for our little ones.


PLAYin Choc

PLAYin Choc combines two things we know all kids love: toys and chocolate. They use only use paper-based recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable material, and their packaging and toys are made from FSC or PEFC sustainably sourced recycled and recyclable card and paper with carbon offset certificates.

All of their chocolates are wrapped in home compostable film made from wood pulp and plant cellulose, and white packaging boxes are also made with recycled and recyclable paper corrugate sealed with paper tape. Products are packed with a void filler made from maize starch to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

The best sustainable clothing brands for your children


The market leaders in organic clothing for kids, we’re huge fans of Frugi’s 100% natural fashion for newborn, toddlers and children up to 10 years of age.

Frugi’s clever details promote sustainability by prolonging the lifespan of the clothes, such as extendable sleeves and trouser legs. The brand is famous for vibrant prints, fun appliqués, and for using sustainable fabrics such as GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled plastic for its outerwear and accessories, Tencel and a GOTS certified organic wool blend. For the SS21 summer range you’ll find a PET Repreve® yarn used across their swimwear collection. Not a plastic hanger in site, Frugi uses cardboard hangers throughout its supply chain and the clothes arrive packed in 100% GM free compostable corn starch bags.


As makers of ethical baby clothing, Mori are committed to being kind to the planet. Everything they create is thoughtfully considered and made with love. Mori uses the softest organic fabrics to craft exceptionally high-quality products that are designed to last, so they can be worn and passed on again and again. Mori’s range uses only sustainably sourced fabrics and is manufactured in trusted factories.

As well as being kind to the planet, Mori’s fabrics are brilliantly gentle on a little one’s delicate skin.


Cashmirino is a family-owned, high-end children’s clothes label born in Italy and based in London. With strong ethical values and a loyal international customer base, the luxury children’s clothing brand is setting the bar high for designer slow fashion for kids. The Cashmirino team travel the globe to find the finest 100% natural fibres to create classic children’s clothes and outfits that can be worn again and again. This careful process takes better care of the environment and also the children that wear their clothes.

Cashmirino works closely with autonomous and highly skilled workers as well as their wider communities to produce classic and durable pieces that can be worn and passed down through generations.

Mini la Mode

Mini la Mode produces baby and children’s fashion made from the highest grade of hand-picked Peruvian pima cotton available, 100% certified for its premium quality.

All of Mini la Mode’s items are lovingly hand-made by traditional artisans, detailed with smocking and embroideries immaculately hand stitched. Mini la Mode’s designs are modern-day heirlooms to pass down – beautiful things that will last through generations and the test of time, plus a fair bit of washing along the way!

Toby Tiger

Founded by award-winning designer Zoe Mellor in 1998, Toby Tiger is family-run, ethical and independent company offering baby & kids clothes. Our sustainable and GOTS-certified clothes are instantly recognisable from the bright rainbow colour palette, fun and friendly appliques and timeless designs that have been getting a big thumbs up from babies, kids and parents for over 24 years.


It’s great to see a large supermarket brand paying attention when it comes to sustainability. All pieces in this range by Tu are made from Organic Cotton which requires less water to produce. Key items across the range, including sleeping bags and blankets are also made using recycled polyester.

All Organic Cotton used by Tu is certified by the Organic Cotton Standard. They’re committed to increasing their sources of more sustainable cotton to help address global challenges. By buying cotton products from Tu, you’re supporting the Better Cotton Initiative Farmers who are trained to use water efficiently, care for soil health and natural habitats, reduce use of the most harmful chemicals and respect workers’ rights and wellbeing.


H&M is a brand committed to sustainability. They’ve set themselves an ambitious goal: to be climate positive by 2040. This means they’ll remove more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than they create. They’re busy exploring new, more sustainable ways to make, transport and package their products.


Zara’s promise is for their clothes to be made from 100% sustainable fabrics by 2025, which will mean 80% of the energy consumed in Zara’s headquarters, factories and stores will be from renewable sources and its facilities will produce zero landfill waste. By 2023, they’ve promised that any viscose used will also be 100% sustainable.


If you’re looking to shop for clothes from a completely sustainable baby brand, you can’t go wrong with Arket. Arket’s mission is to democratise quality and make sustainable design accessible to more people. With a circular approach and a high level of transparency evident throughout all of their processes, they’re on a mission to drive forward positive change in the fashion and design industry.


Are you on the hunt for greener laundry alternatives that won’t cost the Earth? ecoegg‘s innovative range of laundry and cleaning products are revolutionising the way we wash and dry our clothes. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and the waste they produce, and enjoy saving on single-use plastics instead. What’s more, ecoegg’s products are not only kind to the environment, they take care of your skin, as well as saving you money.

ecoegg’s Laundry Egg is an innovative, egg-shaped, eco-friendly laundry washing system that completely replaces laundry detergent and fabric conditioner – and cuts out all those single-use plastic bottles. The ecoegg Dryer Egg is an egg-shaped dryer ball that reduces the time it takes to dry your laundry in the tumble dryer by up to 28%. How? Well, the two Dryer Eggs help to separate your washed items in the machine, making them dry more efficiently and more quickly, saving you time, money and energy. They’ll soften and lightly fragrance your laundry too.

Enjoy a 15% discount code off of your total basket spend using code eemb15 at checkout. Valid until 30th April 2021.


TINCTURE was founded by mother of four, Angelika. She wanted to find high-performance, nontoxic cleaning products that were totally safe to use around the entire family including pets. Products that did not exacerbate conditions such as asthma and eczema.

TINCTURE is on a mission to reduce single use plastic waste by reusing and refilling their products. Care has gone into every single ingredient across their entire product range, to ensure it’s 100% natural, sustainable and non-toxic. TINCTURE’s range includes everything from all purpose cleaner and washing up solutions, to hand lotions and sanitisers.


Spruce is a new British company with a fantastic range of ethical non-toxic refillable cleaning sprays for your home. Spruce eliminates the need for single-use plastic packaging and lowers carbon emissions dramatically compared to typical cleaning products, as they ship just the active ingredients in plastic-free refill with a reusable aluminum Eternity bottle.

All you need to do is add water to the solution to make a full 500ml bottle. The bottle can be reused endlessly; order your lightweight refills and avoid unnecessary shipping of water and prevent single-use plastic waste.

Spruce products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made with carefully selected safe ingredients that are mostly food or cosmetic-grade, with 100% pure organic essential oils.


Plant-based family cleaning brand, Nimble is another favourite of ours.  Nimble’s cleaning range contains no chemical nasties, all products are 100% vegan and packaged in recyclable bottles. There’s also no dosing cap included with any of their laundry products to reduce plastic, as they encourage their customers to use an old.

We’re especially huge fans of their laundry range, and their product Nimble’s Nappy Lover is a non-bio detergent powder specially made for cloth nappies. It’s completely free from skin-irritating allergens, enzymes, optical brighteners and dyes and dissolves in the wash, leaving no detergent residues on your baby’s nappies.

Nessa Organics

Nessa Organics’ products and ingredients are sourced, formulated, manufactured, and packaged in small batches in the UK to limit their environmental footprint. They work hard to infuse sustainability across their full supply chain, from ingredient sourcing to the delivery.

They limit their use of plastic where possible and use only recycled glass. All of their cartons are recyclable, and everything is shipped in 100% recycled Kraft cardboard boxes.

Mama Mio

If you’re looking for a sustainable baby and mama skincare brand, Mama Mio will be your absolute go-to with their range of pregnancy-safe vegan formulas packed to help protect and support skin through pregnancy and beyond. All tubes and jars are completely 100% recyclable. Once you’re done with the product (don’t forget to re-stock!), simply give it a quick rinse and pop it in your plastic recycling bin – caps and all! Mama Mio’s tubes are made from sugarcane polymer, a natural bioplastic that acts as a great substitute for nasty, non-recyclable plastic made from fossil fuels. It’s just as strong and just as durable but totally environmentally-friendly. This fairly recent switch has seen the company using 18% fewer emissions on tube production.

All products are encased in a 100% recyclable cardboard carton, which you can pop in your recycling bin. All cardboard is FSC certified and solely comes from forests that are managed by the Forest Stewardship Council. T


Known for their minimalist packaging and natural organic products, Danish skincare brand Ecooking is an eco-friendly company on a mission to make a difference to the environment. With a commitment to respect both the skin and the planet, every piece of plastic used within range originates from recyclable materials or ocean waste. The brand name is an amalgamation of ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘cooking’ – a nod to the ingredients that go into the Ecooking range, as well as the brand’s humble birthplace. Ecooking’s slogan: ‘food for your skin’ is also incredibly apt, with every product made from 100% vegan and pure ingredients, it’s even safe to eat!


NAYA’s brand philosophy is of a ‘less is more’ approach; not only because it is more sustainable to the planet, but also more sustainable to your skin. The vegan, cruelty-free products contain a high concentration of plant-based nutrients which are scientifically proven to transform the skin from within. NAYA sustainably sources its star ingredient – cacay oil – directly from Columbia. The brand works directly with the farmers in its supply chain to protect and harvest 30-50 hectares within the rainforest where they can grow indigenous plants from the area. To date the brand has planted over 1500 seeds.

The entire range is housed in glass bottles and all other materials are fully recyclable. The labels are made from upcycled marble waste which is biodegradable and water-free.  The brand also offers a refill service to minimise waste. NAYA has also teamed up with The Woodland Trust and Climate Partner as a further commitment to giving back, whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver is on a mission to drive lasting positive change in the fashion industry with sustainable practices and an ethical supply chain to eliminate the effects of fast fashion within the maternity sector.

Isabella Oliver Co-Founder and Creative Director, Baukjen de Swaan Arons said: “We care deeply about people and our planet. So, after many years of dressing pregnant women around the world, we felt it was time for significant change. We created a sustainable and ethical maternity capsule wardrobe where every style is ethically made and planet-friendly because we have the power to be the change we want to see.”

Luxe And Hardy

A lifestyle brand with a fabulously luxurious sleep range, Luxe and Hardy carefully select suppliers who use closed-loop manufacturing to ensure chemicals are recycled and are not leached into the enviroment. They believe in creating ethical products that are naturally comfortable and sustainable.


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smarTrike Traveler

The smarTrike Traveler is the world’s first convertible stroller that transforms into a trike at the push of a button. This innovative piece of equipment is our top pick for fun and functionality on the go.

The smarTrike Traveler is more than just a stroller. It seamlessly transforms from a compact stroller to a trike, adapting as your child grows from 6 months to 4 years old. Easy to assemble, it features four stages, supporting every stage of your child’s development and making outings a breeze.



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