If you’re wondering which toys are age-appropriate for your little ones, Early Learning Centre has got to be your go-to. ELC has a huge range of toys and games that support children in their learning and development, and all are grouped by age and stage, so you can choose the right toys for the right age.

We’ve chosen our favourite toys perfect for every personality, so you can shop with ease.

he best toys for newborns +

New babies will begin to make sense of the colourful world around them as soon as they’re born, and it’s important to introduce them to new sights, sounds and textures using toys and accessories that will stimulate their senses.

Interactive playmats are brilliant for tummy time, while books and soft toys are brilliant for taking with you everywhere you go.

Recommended toys for 6-18 months +

Your little one is now busy improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, so why not invest in toys that will help them? We think shape sorters and stackers are brilliant for babies 6 months plus. For older babies, it’s a time to really encourage their imaginations,  and ELC’s singing animal keyboard will provide hours of fun.

Age appropriate toys for 12-24 months +

These kids are on a mission. From 12 months you’ll find your baby is now a toddler and enjoying their newfound independence. Encourage imaginative playtime and roleplay adventure with ELC’s range of toy sets and activity centres.

Toys suitable for children 18 months +

The best toys for kids 2 to 5 years of age

Every playtime is now an adventure, and it’s time for your mini explorers to discover more about the outside world around them through play. Take a trip on a London bus, enjoy role play at Cherry Lane Cottage, or sail the Seven Seas in a pirate ship. The world is now their oyster!

Recommended toys for 3-6 years of age

Shop for toys you can enjoy together to help your child improve their social skills, and now they’re in preschool or infant school, why not continue to help their learning through play?

Roleplay and imagination are at the heart of playtime for 3-6-year-olds, so whether it’s baking, or playing doctors and nurses, ELC has everything you’ll need.


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