Ever since the brand was founded 15 years ago, LittleLife has aimed to make travel and the outdoors as accessible as possible for young, growing families. Through a combination of their passion for adventure and their 25 years experience in the industry, they have proven a great track record in innovatively developing their product range so that parents can continue to pursue their love for travel and outside activities.

Travelling With Your Child

Bringing a child into the world is one of the, if not the most, exciting experiences of your life. There are some things that you can prepare for when your child arrives, however, as we are sure LittleLife would agree, travelling is definitely not one of them.

Travelling with a child can be a terrifying concept for any parent. Whether it’s a long flight or a road trip, things won’t quite ever be the same. Your packing list will now consist of new travel essentials such as travel toys and gadgets to keep them occupied, booster seats and not to forget the changing bags. 

For Life’s Little Adventures

However, for all the active, travel junky parents out there – it doesn’t have to be difficult and that’s where LittleLife comes in. They provide a whole host of kids travel accessories and gear to help relieve some of the difficulties and let you sit back and relax – to some extent!

LittleLife has recently introduced two new products to their range and we know you are going to love them just as much as we do. Like many of the other products in the LittleLife range, the products are British Standard Tested giving it that all-important seal of approval. Take a look!

Featherlite Travel Cot – £149.99

“Our new travel cot might be lightweight but at LittleLife, we are heavyweight in designing and developing innovative and practical products for families.” –  Richard White, Product and Marketing Director at LittleLife.

As Light As A Feather 

Finally, a travel cot on the market that provides all the solutions to your problems. This cot is guaranteed to make your holiday run that little bit more smoothly and take the weight off your shoulders, quite literally. 

Living up to its name, the cot weighs just 3kgs and halves in size when packed down, perfect for the out and about parents that need a helping hand on their busy ventures. 

No matter how far or long you are choosing to travel the Featherlite Travel Cot is both practical and reliable and takes no more than 60 seconds out of your day or night to assemble. And when it’s not needed it simply pack it away in your suitcase or comfortably stores it in the boot of your car. 


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Safe And Secure 

What we love about this product is its distinct features that LittleLife has carefully thought about to ensure full safety and comfort for your child. To name a few: 

  • Comfortable padded mattress
  • Removable and fire-retardant mattress
  • Roll-up front panel to block daylight
  • Detachable mesh panels with padded roll-top

In addition to this, the cot frames consist of shock-corded poles that are self-set and made from aircraft-grade aluminium, with sturdy feet. 

Don’t be fooled by its lightweight and simplicity, it is also strong and robust and once in place guarantees your child a safe and peaceful sleep. 

Last but certainly not least, the cot offers outstanding value for money by doubling as an indoor play tent. With travelling often comes a lot of waiting around and having a play tent on hand can offer a great distraction for your kids.

To see the LittleLife Featherlite Travel Cot in action, check out their short Youtube video that provides useful information on how to use and look after your travel cot. 

Acorn Baby Carrier – £69.99

Keep Them Close

Introducing LittleLife’s new Acorn Baby Carrier, its first front-and-back carrier. What’s special about this product is that it has been innovatively designed to ensure comfort and longevity. 

Suitable from birth to three years, the carrier has four front and back carrying positions that enable easy carrying as your child grows bigger. 

When investing in a baby carrier, comfort should be up there on your list of priorities and not just your child but you too. If you’re experiencing difficulty with carrying your baby it’s most likely due to their weight not being distributed evenly.

An amazing feature of the Acorn is its air-flow cotton fabric used for the shoulder straps as well as its wide soft hip belt. The straps are fully adjustable and the carrier has a built in-head support to take the pressure off you when out and about.

Comfort Is Key

Whether you’re choosing to wear the carrier on the front or back, it is fully secure and adjustable and can be worn by both parents. The fourpositions that the carrier provides are as follows: 

  • For newborns: With the zips fully closed to ensure correct hip and leg placement in the ‘M position’, the baby is placed high up on the wearer’s chest. 
  • Inward-facing position: As baby gets bigger, the lower seating position means baby is in the position that allows you to still kiss their head.
  • Outward-facing position: Curious little ones from five months old will enjoy looking out to the world. The two side clips can be used to pin down the head support. 
  • Easy back carrying: Ideal from 12 months, to carry toddler on the wearer’s back.

The carrier has many buckles to help you adjust and create the perfect fit for you and your child. To give you reassurance the easy-clip buckles have been triple-tested to comply with British  Standards BS EN 13209:2015 part 2 and BS EN 71-3:1994 safety standards.

If for still some reason you’re not won over, The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the Acorn Baby Carrier to be a “hip-healthy” baby carrier. 

Contact LittleLife Today

LittleLife offers a wide range of children’s travel gear from toddler backpacks to child carriers all that enable you to pursue your love for the outdoors with your child right there next to you.

For more information, get in touch with LittleLife to learn about how their products can help you enjoy the best of life’s adventures. 


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