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10 Reasons This Is The Best Wearable Breast Pump

Are you shopping for the best wearable breast pump? There’s a new pump on the block from breastfeeding experts Medela, and to put it bluntly, it’s a game changer.

Shopping for the best wearable breast pump

Medela has launched the Freestyle Hands Free in-bra double pump, an innovative wearable breast pump. Designed by experts and featuring the brand’s unrivalled, researched based technology, Medela’s recent makeover has catapulted the Freestyle to the top of our list of best wearable breast pumps. Here’s why:

A natural, individual fit

The Freestyle Hands Free has been designed to support all women, whatever their daily routine. The pump adapts to fit each mum’s individual shape for maximum comfort so you can pump with complete ease.

Most breast pump shields have a 90° angle. The Freestyle Hands Free breast shields are designed with Medela’s research-based 105° angle technology to create a more natural fit and reduce pressure on the breast, resulting in better milk removal and more comfort.


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It’s quick and efficient

You’ve come to the right place if you want to get the job done efficiently and quickly. The Freestyle Hands Free breast pump produces more milk in less time, thanks to its research-based 2-Phase Expression technology, which mimicks baby’s natural sucking rhythm. No need to feel metaphorically handcuffed to your pump. (We’ve all been there!)

Compact and discreet

Chores around the house? The busy morning commute? Nothing to see (or hear) here. As you’d expect from one of the best wearable breast pumps on the market, Medela’s Freestyle Hand Free is designed with multitasking mums in mind.

This pump is compact, discreet, and easy to use so you can incorporate it seamlessly into your busy routine. The Freestyle Hands Free adapts to fit around the user, supporting every breastfeeding journey whether you’re busy at home or on the go.


The pump is designed with ultra-lightweight collection cups to fit within most nursing bras. Incredibly, they weigh only 76g each, ranking them amongst the lightest available on the market.

The cups are anatomically shaped and reduce the compression of breast tissue in order to maximise comfortable milk expression.

Easy to use

The pump’s transparent design allows you to easily align your nipple and check if milk is flowing, to reassure you that you’re expressing correctly. The clear cups make it easy to position the nipple accurately so you get instant confirmation that milk is flowing.

Hands free

For the most effective and easy pumping session, the pump motor can be slipped into a pocket, so it won’t weigh down or heat up your breasts.

The pump is compact enough to stay in your pocket, so you’re hands are free to deal with everything else on your to-do list.

Easy to clean

The pump is composed of only three parts, so it’s simple to put together, easy to clean, and it’s dishwasher safe, meaning you can concentrate on worrying about your other 99 mum problems!

Rechargeable battery

It’s super-easy to charge. The Freestyle Hands Free has a built-in USB-rechargeable battery so pumping is never interrupted wherever you are.

One pump, two ways to collect

The Freestyle Hands Free pump motor also works with Medelea’s classic PersonalFit Flex parts too, so if you already have them or would like the flexibility to pump with them, you can enjoy the complete benefit you get from the seamless integration between the two.

It’s from Medela

What more can we say? Medela is a trusted expert in breast milk feeding with 60+ years of experience. Medela have been supporting breastfeeding mothers for over 50 years. Thanks to their extensive research into the science of breastfeeding, their breast pumps are trusted and loved by parents, celebrities and healthcare professionals across the globe. Their breast pumps have won countless awards, including a Which? Best Buy, and are found in 75% of UK hospitals.

Shop now

Freestyle Hands Free RRP: £299.

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