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Winter Skincare Routine: Expert Tips And Recommended Products

It’s not a myth that our skin is different as the weather changes, confirms Victoria, Medical Communications Manager for AlumierMD. “It’s all due to the amount of moisture that’s in the air. In the summer, heat from the heightened UVB rays in the atmosphere evaporate moisture from the lush greenery and the air is filled with water. This means our skin has constant contact with moisture and humectants, like hyaluronic acid, that draw moisture towards the skin.”

Winter UVA rays are a threat to skin

“When winter comes, the UVB rays more or less go. Less heat and no greenery mean less water in the air. Our skin doesn’t have contact with moisture and humectants have less to work with. We whack the heating up in our homes, and water starts evaporating from our skin. This is known as transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and can lead to dehydration. Dehydration can lead to lines and dull skin. Furthermore, as hydration is an important part of our skin’s barrier, dehydration can lead to sensitivity too.”

Victoria suggests there are changes we can make to our skincare regime to help our skin adapt to the cold months ahead. “There isn’t a one size fits all change that we should ALL make for winter. That’s like saying everyone has to get a haircut on December 1st. Having said that, most people will notice the impact of cold days on their skin and be familiar with a drier, dehydrated and slightly sensitised winter complexion.”

Top five winter skincare tips:

  • Protect the skin’s barrier and delicate eco-system/microbiome with antioxidants and most importantly, sunscreen. Winter UVA rays are a threat to our skin so it’s essential 365 days a year!
  • Up the amount of hydrating ingredients in your skincare to counterbalance the lack of humidity. This can be done by adapting your existing skincare routine or adding a hydrating mask.
  • Use a more nourishing moisturiser if and when needed.
  • Make the most of the cooler days with chemical exfoliants like AHA’s which can soften and smooth the skin.
  • Change up your morning and evening routines. In the morning we need to armour our skin for the day ahead. It’s a tough world out there and our skin is up against it all. We need antioxidants to defend against free radicals and pollutants, as well as sunscreen to protect against damaging winter UVA rays. At night, for most of us, our skin is safely tucked up in bed away from outside environments. This is when the skin does most of its rejuvenation so we want to support it as much as possible. It’s VITAL that we all cleanse at night, whether you wear make-up or not. As we go about our day we collect all sorts of pollutants and microorganisms. You can think of it like you’re taking the day off your face. Exfoliating and using retinol use are recommended at night time so you don’t use them before going out in the sun. Furthermore, your body can use the retinol to enhance its overnight rejuvenation.

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