The change in weather affects all of us in many different ways, but in particular our skin. During winter, humidity levels tend to drop, meaning the air is drier and sucks more moisture from your skin and of course, those with skin conditions such as eczema will really feel the change. Pair that with the hot baths you’ll no doubt be indulging in and you’ll soon find your skin is a lot drier and therefore more sensitive.

Luckily, the beauty industry bombards us with mass amounts of different face and body creams, which means we are not short of options to combat winter skin. However, it does make picking and investing in a decent winter skincare routine more difficult.

I have narrowed down my personal favourite winter skincare products, tried and tested, for you to take home this Christmas. I have incredibly dry skin, including eczema on my arms and legs, so I can fully understand the need to find a long lasting, effective skincare routine. Enjoy!


Skincare products for your face are hugely different to those that you apply to your body. You will need to take into account your usual skin type, but overall the below products really focus on reinstalling and maintaining moisture to your face.

Milky Jelly Cleanser, Glossier

This life-saving cleanser is the most moisturising face wash out there. You honestly can feel the difference after just one use. Usually after cleansing my face, it feels somewhat dry and tight. However with this product, your skin is left feeling somewhat hydrated and incredibly soft.

Exfoliating Mask, Anne Semonin 

It is really important to get rid of dead skin cells and dry skin on your face, which is why I still religiously exfoliate in winter. This incredible face mask leaves your skin feeling plumper and smoother whilst smelling phenomenal. I’m sure it goes without saying, but it is more important than ever that you moisturise after exfoliating.


Multi-Miracle Glow, Charlotte Tilbury

Night masks aren’t for everyone, especially those with oily skin. However, if you’re feeling the winter dryness, this is the perfect additional step to your skincare routine. You only need to use this once to twice a week to avoid breaking out. My mask of choice also happens to be a cleanser, but I found it worked much better as a night mask. This indulgent product boasts a variety of antioxidants and vitamins, ensuring your skin gets all of its needs met throughout the Christmas period.

Vitamin E Intense Moisturiser, The Body Shop

I have used this facial moisturiser every morning of my life for around the past two years now and no matter how distracted I get by fancier, more expensive face creams, I always resort back to this one. With a creamy consistency that rubs easily into your skin, it is the perfect day moisturiser for you to fall in love with. I get away with wearing this under foundation and it keeps my skin hydrated all day. They also sell less intense versions for those of you who don’t need that extra moisture kick.



Nourishment Night Cream, Burt’s Bees

If you’re not feeling a night mask, this night cream is the perfect, lighter alternative. Still heavier than its day version, this fantastic night cream sinks in within a matter of minutes and leaves your skin feeling covered for hydration.



As a general rule, most body creams/oils will give your skin what it needs, but finding a product that sits well on your skin is vital. No one wants to go to bed feeling sticky and drenched!


Moisturising Cream, Aveeno

This is another product I absolutely swear by. As a sufferer of eczema, finding products that don’t aggravate it can be a daunting task. Many moisturisers are filled with perfumes and chemicals that aren’t really necessary, but this simple yet effective moisturiser does the trick every time – I even use it as a face cream too!

Almond Milk & Honey Soothing And Caring Shower Cream, The Body Shop

As I mentioned earlier, hot showers and baths can cause serious damage to already dried out skin, so finding a moisturising shower cream is imperative. I love the almond milk and honey range as a whole, but my favourite product is definitely their shower cream.



Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter, Khiel’s

This devilishly light body butter smells good enough to eat, but alas, it is for saving your skin instead! I loved the texture of this on my skin after application.

Heavenly Gingerlily Caressing Body Polish, Molton Brown.

I cannot describe how enticing this body polish smells, although that goes without saying when it comes to pretty much any Molton Brown product. This is the perfect scrub to get rid of grime and dead skin. It also doesn’t feel damaging to your skin, which some scrubs can typically feel.


Rosehip Skin Therapy Oil, Palmers

I’ve never been a huge fan of body oils, but this one from Palmer’s convinced me otherwise. No, it doesn’t have the same texture and feel as your favourite body butter, but it eradicates dry skin; you’ll be surprised at the results.