A British woman has given birth to the biggest ever baby born naturally in Spain, a hospital has said.

Maxime Marin, 40, did not even need an epidural – a painkiller delivered into the spine during childbirth.

The baby girl called Maria Lorena Marin weighed 13lb 7oz (6.095kg) which is about twice the size of an average baby.

Hospital Marina Salud in the Mediterranean city of Denia said she was in “perfect health” following the straightforward delivery.

Ms Marin said she expected the baby, born after 41 weeks, to be “big but not that big” as her three older children each weighed more than 9lb 14oz (4.480kg) at birth.

She brushed off the five-hour labour as “simple”, while the newborn’s Colombian father, Jaime Marin, said everything went well.

Dr Javier Rius, head of gynaecology at the hospital, said in his 40 years of practice he had never known a baby born naturally to weigh so much.

Earlier this year, a Californian woman gave birth to a child weighing even more than Maria.

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