There are lots of maths activities that I have done over the years with EC and YC, especially when they were younger. Now that BB has started learning his numbers it’s time to get the old activities out and make some new ones as well. This bird feeding number activity has become one of his favourites and always chooses it when given the choice.

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To make your own bird feeding number activity you will need:

  • A bird*
  • Wool
  • Tweezers
  • Numbers

*we used some little live pets

Cut up a length of wool up into 10 parts.

Layer out the numbers next to a pile of the wool.

bird feeding number activity

Choose a number and get your little one to identify what it is. Then get them to count out the correct number of wool worms to feed the bird. The tweezers are there for them to use to feed the worms to the bird. That way they can work on their fine motor skills as well.

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Bird feeding number activity to help toddlers and preschoolers learn their numbers and to count accurately.