I always like to throw some sort of birthday party for my children and something I always hear is that the more children you have the less of a big deal the crazy parties get.

I do smile thinking back at some of the monster parties I threw for my three, four and five year milestones.  Fast forward a few years and I am on my third child and have moved to the countryside.  My youngest only has four friends, so I decided smaller would be best.

With two year olds I always find short and sweet activities work well, so with a little help from my friends, we turned the TV room into a bit of a soft play area and hired a lovely entertainer, who did a 20 minute sing song and story telling session.  I beefed up the numbers with other family members and it really worked well.  It’s amazing how much entertainment one can get from a slide going into a mini ball pit.

For a going home present, I normally give little ones a teddy bear with a tag around their neck but this year opted for Little Top’s Build A Bear, which went down really well with the toddlers and the older children.

I found that an hour was more than enough for the actual party followed by a good old fashioned tea party with cocktail sausages, fish goujons and lots of little sandwiches followed by fruit salad and a dairy free cake from Cacao Bean.

Half an hour later, they were all absolutely pooped and ready for bed and I am glad to say everyone went home without meltdown in sight.

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