When I was training at Norland one of my placements was at a nursery.  We would often get a huge roll of paper and draw around the children.  I haven’t done this body tracing art activity for years, so I thought I would bring it out for BB to enjoy.

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To do your own body tracing art you will need:

  • Large roll of paper
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Paint

On a large sheet, or roll, of paper draw around the outline of your little one.  BB was slightly confused when I got him to lie down and started drawing around him.

body tracing art

We then took it outside to colour in.  You can easily do this inside, but the weather was too glorious to stay inside.

body tracing art

BB and I then started to colour it in.  I just left it on the side so that he could come and go from it.  Every time he went past he added a few more marks to it.  At one point after supper he disappeared, we found him colouring himself in.  Rather than bring him back in YC and I joined him and helped finish the picture.

body tracing art

the finished product

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Body tracing art for children