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10 Reasons To Book (FREE!) Tickets To The Independent Schools Show

If you’re looking for the ideal school for your child, don’t miss the Independent Schools Show (ISS) on November 11-12th at the Evolution Centre in Battersea Park, London. ISS is back, bigger than ever, for its 16th year, and this year promises to be an educational extravaganza unlike any other. Tickets are free, and there’s 50% off Premium Tickets right now using promo code baba50.

Independent Schools Show (ISS) 11th – 12th November

“The Schools Show really works! We have just put our 12-year-old into a school in the countryside, and he is just adoring every single minute.” – a satisfied parent!

Want to know more? Here are ten reasons you should be booking tickets to London’s Independent Schools Show this November.

The Largest Show of Its Kind – for Kids of All Ages

Avoid following the herd. The Independent Schools Show is the perfect place to start your journey towards finding the right school for your child based on your unique needs and preferences.

As the world’s largest exhibition of its kind, it’s your one-stop shop for exploring your child’s future education. The ISS is on hand to guide you through choosing the right school for your individual child. Whether you’re considering nursery, pre-prep, prep school, senior day schools, boarding schools, or sixth-form options, the ISS provides expert guidance to help you make well-informed decisions about your child’s educational future.

Explore Countless Independent Schools

Did you know? Britain boasts over 2,500 independent schools, each offering a huge range of educational experiences. At the ISS, you can explore them all in one place. For fee-paying parents facing millions of potential choices about where to educate their children, the Independent Schools Show (ISS) serves as a beacon of clarity and direction, offering a lifeline in navigating this crucial process.

Digging Beyond the Website and Prospectus

Charles Bonas, an education commentator, advisor and tutor provider, says, “I grew up in the countryside, so when I drive out of London on a Sunny day to visit a school, I am almost completely diverted by the beauty and space of the campus. What’s fascinating about the dynamic of the shows is that admissions staff and head teachers are removed from this splendour… This really focuses minds not so much on whether a school has the right A-Level combinations (important as that is) but on shared values and ambitions, empathy and communicability. And parents have many such conversations in the space of a few hours to make comparisons. Without the backdrop of vast swaths of playing fields and magnificent libraries (the tour can come later), the answers are almost immediate and transparent”.

Unique School Cultures & Diversity

Each independent school has its own distinct culture and ethos, and the ISS allows you to explore them all to find a perfect match. The show also goes out of its way to highlight the incredible diversity of students, shattering stereotypes about independent schools catering exclusively to the elite.

Expert Guidance

With thousands of schools and overwhelming choices, the ISS brings together expert guidance, making the process of school selection much easier. At the ISS, you’ll find transparency and a wealth of practical information about various aspects of school selection. With more London heads speaking at the lecture theatres than ever before, you can expect them to tackle critical concerns such as applications, the role of private tutoring, and navigating admissions complexities. But it’s not just about academics; they’ll also delve into personal aspects, from addressing adolescent well-being to offering insights on university selection. The ISS truly covers it all, ensuring you’re well-informed and prepared to make the right choices for your child’s education.


Imagine having all these schools and education-related services under one roof. The ISS makes it a reality, saving parents time and effort and countless journeys around the country visiting schools.

The ISS is a time-saving solution. You’ll find a jam-packed itinerary of talks with advice from top-tier educational professionals and institutions on supplemental tutoring advice, university guidance, and educational software – all conveniently accessible under one roof.

Direct Interaction

Meet with countless exhibitors, including schools, advisors, tutors, university counselors, and more, offering a comprehensive view of your education options. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with heads and admissions staff from a variety of schools so you can focus on shared values, ambitions, and empathy.

Let’s Talk Fees and Bursaries

The ISS plays a critical role in bringing bursary pupils into independent schools and supporting diversity and inclusion in education via their dedicated Bursaries & Scholarships Theatre.

The show will also present a strong case to look beyond London, showcasing ‘modern boarding’ in small country prep schools, where time and space expand. NEW for 2023, the ‘Experience Boarding’ trail for children will provide an exciting and immersive adventure whilst parents get their questions answered…

Networking Opportunities

The ISS provides you with an opportunity to not only explore the educational landscape but also broaden your own network. It’s a unique space where like-minded families come together to share their experiences, wisdom, and insights. You’ll meet fellow parents who are navigating similar journeys and facing similar decisions, creating a supportive community that’s invaluable when it comes to understanding the vast world of education.

Tickets are free

Find the perfect school for your child and plan your pathway forward. Click here for FREE tickets to ISS and for 50% off Premium Tickets use promo code baba50.


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