The new Age Precision technoloogy created by Braun has been incorporated into their latest thermometers. It enables you to set the age of your child, from 0 – 3 months, 3 – 36 months and 36 months to an adult, so you can interpret the reading quickly and confidently based on the age of your child.

This technology gives peace of mind to parents, taking away the guesswork and giving you a clear and precise measurement that you can rely on.

Some quick tips:

  1. If using an ear thermometer always take the temperature in the same ear
  2. External factors can influence ear temperatures especially if your child has:
  • Been lying on one ear or the other
  • Had their ears covered
  • Been exposed to very hot or cold temperatures, or
  • Been swimming or bathing recently

In these cases, remove these factors and wait 30 minutes before taking their temperature.

  • If prescription ear drops or medications have been used in the ear canal, use the other ear for a temperature reading. The ear should be free from obstruction or excess ear wax before the temperature is taken
  • Ear thermometers should not be used if the person has an outer ear infection (otitis externa) as this could be uncomfortable for them.

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