My good friend Astrid invited me and the kids to a magical Neverland party at The Bulgari Hotel last week to showcase their space as the ultimate children’s party venue in London. The incredible Dazzle & Fizz organised the show with In Water Flowers and Bespoke Events.

We arrived in the lift and were whisked into a dream land of Neverland, with my eye candy that one could imagine. The children had finished a full day of school and were very happy to be ushered to an adorable little table over flowing with mini fish fingers, finger sandwiches and little burgers and pizzas. Although there were delicious canapés for the parents, most of us had a handful of chips in one hand, and a mini pizza in the other!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.27.38

There was so much to see in this wonderful room, from my favourite, Captain Hook’s ship, to my daughter’s which had to be the sweetie table overflowing with cakes, mushroom marshmallows, chocolate pops and golden coins.


My daughter was also mesmerised by the mystical mermaids and the hair bar, serving up beautiful braids. They also had a very good face painter, and balloon bubbles, and while some played with the lost boys in a camp of teepees, stuck in the middle of a woodland area covered in moss and creeping foliage, ferns and orchids, others gathered around for the Dazzle and Fizz stage show, which was really interactive, and had the children captivated.


A few of the older children popped down in the lift to the private cinema, where they were screening Peter Pan with buckets of popcorn and water on hand. All in all, this was a fabulous extravaganza and my children asked if we could do this every day after school. I think not!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.27.44