• Porridge with a sliced banana
  • Bowl of granola with yoghurt on top
  • Cereal bar and an apple on the way.
  • Fruit smoothies are a great way to get in the 5 a day. Blend some strawberries and raspberries with some natural yoghurt. Pour and server. Easy!
  • 2x hard boiled eggs with brown toast soldiers.


Packed lunch

  • Sandwiches. Buy seed- or oat-topped wholemeal rolls, wholemeal breads with poppyseeds or nuts in, or wholemeal pittas. For variety. Try to go for wholemeal bread (brown).
  • You definitely need some protein in those sandwiches. Ham is the most popular choice,
  • but try not to serve meat every day of the week. Choose lean, unprocessed meats whenever you can.
  • Sliced chicken with cucumber and tomatoes is a good choice. Egg mayonnaise with salad is good.
  • Cheese is another popular source of protein in lunch boxes. Go for cottage cheese is excellent or mozzarella. Try to avoid highly processed cheese such as cheese strings.
  • Rice salads, made with brown rice, or pasta salads, made with wholegrain pasta, are good sources of starch. Add plenty of chopped vegetables for fibre.
  • A slice of pizza or quiche is another possibility. Go for wholegrain pizza bases and pastry whenever you can.
  • Oatcakes are great little fibre-filled additions to healthy lunch boxes, as are rice cakes, especially the wholegrain ones, and corn cakes. Avoid those that are flavoured, they’re usually coated with salty flavourings. Add a piece of fresh fruit.



  • Homemade soup and a wholemeal roll or toasted pitta bread
  • Some dried fruit, nuts and seeds,
  • Natural yoghurt pot
  • Fresh fruit or a smoothie with yoghurt
  • Healthy food bar such as 9 bar, food doctor, nakd, bounce ball.  



  • Fresh chicken or fish or beans with brown rice, jacket potato or wholemeal pasta.
  • Always add fresh and frozen veg or a side salad. Dessert should be yoghurt or fruit.
  • Omelette and vegetables with sweet potato chips or baked sweet potato.
  • Fish is a great source of protein. You can mix tuna with sweet corn or peppers.
  • Canned salmon too.
  • Pulses are good veggie options for protein. Use chick peas to make hummus, or mix up a red kidney bean salad.
  • Tofu has plenty of protein, but unless you’re used to a vegetarian diet you may not fancy it. You can dice in soup.


For more info, please contact The Brompton Health Quarter.