I have always loved doing bubble painting since I first learned of it while training at Norland. We had a few thank you and birthday cards to make so it seemed the perfect opportunity to set up the bubble painting again.

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You will need:

  • Paints*
  • Water
  • Cups
  • Straws
  • Paints
  • Washing up liquid

*I used powdered tempera paints, but you can use any paint.

Mix together your paint, water, and washing up liquid. If you are using poster paints you might not need to the water at all. It depends on how runny you want it to be. I added too much water to begin with which made the paints rather pale.

I did try doing this with paper straw but they became soggy after a while.  We did resort to plastic ones as we have a few left in the cupboard, but I would recommend getting reusable ones.

Unlike other types of bubble painting, like the one we did before, you don’t need to blow into the paints to create bubbles. In fact if you do blow bubbles into the mix it can ruin the paint.

bubble painting

Dip the straw into the paint mixture, then gentle blow a bubble on to the paper.

bubble painting

YC, EC and I enjoyed making our pictures and decorating thank you cards while watching the England semi-final match *sigh*. Although the game didn’t go our way, it was fun to watch them experimenting with their bubble painting.

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Bubble painting process art.  Mix washing up liquid with paint then use a straw to blow paint bubbles onto paper.  Kids craft.