Picture the scene: dreamy turquoise seas lapping at beautiful white sands… While the prospect of a summer holiday might be a little out of reach right now, fear not, we’ve got some news that will bring a smile to your face.

Beauty and the beach

Bugaboo is bringing the beauty of the beach to you in the form of their latest design collaboration with acclaimed fine art photographer Gray Malin, and we LOVE it. It takes the shape of the breezy sun canopy, and it’s the must-have summer accessory for your Bugaboo.

The perfect summer stroller accessory

Bugaboo’s breezy sun canopy is a multi-functional summer stroller accessory, music to the ears of parents demanding ever more from their pram purchases.

The canopy not only looks the part, but it is also light, breathable, and encourages airflow.

Designed to be super-efficient at protecting your child from the harsh summer elements with its UPF 50+ protection (mesh panels aside), its drop-down mesh not only shields your child from ultraviolet light, it provides head-to-toe protection from mosquitos and any other summer bugs.

The breezy sun canopy is a must for enabling a peaceful and undisturbed nap on your afternoon stroll when the hot summer sun is at its highest in the sky.


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Gray Malin photography

Internationally recognised photographer Gray Malin is known for his unique aerial photography of the world’s most stunning beaches and spectacular coastlines.

Malin goes above and beyond (quite literally, miles above, from a door-less helicopter, no less!) to achieve the ultimate shot.

The Bugaboo by Gray Malin collection encapsulates the spirit of travel, adventure and art, a fabulous reminder of what the future holds, and the perfect summer accessory for your stroller.

Calling all creative, design-loving parents!

The Bugaboo by Gray Malin breezy sun canopy is your 2020 summer statement, and the collection couldn’t have dropped sooner. We think EVERY parent right now could do with a little bit of Bondi Beach, if only in spirit.

Compatible with most Bugaboo strollers

The breezy sun canopy is compatible with every Bugaboo stroller except the Bugaboo Ant.

Contact Bugaboo!

If you have any questions about the Bugaboo by Gray Malin collection, then get in touch with their friendly customer service team. You can reach them by emailing servicservice.uk@bugaboo.com or calling 0800-587-8265.

Bugaboo is still busy delivering products despite Corona restrictions, and right now they’re offering FREE SHIPPING online. Visit their website, social media channels or give them a call today to help you decide which Bugaboo pushchair is right for you and your family.


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