bunny from a knitted square

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How to Make a Bunny From a Knitted Square

I “learnt” to knit when I was about 7/8 years old at school.  But a mean teacher really put me off.  I had just finished knitting my first square, which took me a long time, and she completely pulled it apart and told me it was rubbish.  Needless to say, I didn’t go back to that club.  Fast forward many years and I my boss’ mum taught me how to knit again.  She is the most patient teacher; I aspire to that level of patience.  The first thing I managed to knit was a square.  I looked up what you can do with knitted squares, and it turns out you can turn them into bunnies.  So, I thought I would share with you how to make a bunny from a knitted square.

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To make your own bunny from a knitted square you will need:

  • Knitting needles
  • Wool
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stuffing

Before you get all excited, I am not going to teach you how to knit.  If you can’t knit or struggle with any part of the knitting process, I recommend looking up Wool and the Gang on YouTube.  They have great and easy to follow videos.

I made three different sized squares – 30,20 and 15 stitches across.

Once you have cast on you need to do knit stitch for the whole square before casting off.

bunny from a knitted square

When you have finished your square, you need to get an extra piece of wool and sew it along the middle of your square and the make it into a triangle.  The same as the picture above.  I used a different colour wool so that you could see that pattern I had made.

bunny from a knitted square

Now pull those two ends of wool.  It will start to create a little pocket (which will be the head).  Add some stuffing to that hole and then continue pulling the ends of wool until it is closed up.

bunny from a knitted square

To create the body, use one of those ends that you used for the head and stitch the two sides together to make the back.  Before going any further, stuff the body of the bunny.  Then close up the end of it.

Finally make a little pompom for its tail and sew it on.  If you so wish you can add a little face as well.

If you enjoyed making a bunny from a knitted square be sure to check out my sock bunnies and Easter bonnet hat.

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Learn how to make a bunny from a knitted square

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