Each year I start thinking about possible Christmas card ideas for my charges as early as the summer. Over the past 4 Christmases that I have been with them we have made a nice variety of cards. Including; penguin footprints, watercolours and salt, and wax resistant ones. This year I went for the simple button Christmas cards. Our time together in the evenings is normally tight as they have clubs and homework to fit in. Therefore what we needed was a nice easy card to do together. One that would fit in between homework and dinner. Thankfully this button Christmas cards fitted the bill nicely.

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You will need:

  • Buttons of various sizes
  • Card stock
  • Glue
  • Pen

This year I had some pre-made red cards and envelopes (probably from Rymans), which worked nicely. If you don’t have any then some card stock folded over will work just as well.

button christmas cards

For each card choose your buttons and arrange them on the card.

button christmas cards

When you have it just right, stick them down. Normal PVA glue works well for this. However we like to get the glue gun out when ever we can. YC doesn’t feel confident using it yet so she arranged the buttons and I glued them on. When EC came home he took over from me.

button christmas cards

Using a pen, add a line going from the top of the button to the top of the card. If you really want to go into details then you could add a little pair of loops to look like a bow to the top of the button.

button christmas cards

For our finishing touch we added a stamp saying Noël.

All we need to do now is write in the button Christmas cards, which will take a lot longer than making them.

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How to make a simple Button Christmas Card