There’s nothing quite like a beautiful piece of jewellery to bring a huge smile to my face, especially when given by a loved one. My three top tips to consider before purchasing a piece of jewellery are:

Tip 1: The golden rule to remember when considering what jewellery to buy, is to remember that ALL women, and all mothers are unique.

Tip 2: Listen! We women are great when it comes to subtle hints, or blatant hints in some cases, depending on how thick skinned our partners are… If all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask.

Tip 3: Look! Pay attention to the style of clothes she wears, from her work outfits, to weekend and evening wear – they’ll be so many clues to give you an indicator as to her preferred type of jewellery, for example – does she wear silver or gold? Does she enjoy wearing mostly wear bracelets, necklaces, or both? If your loved one has pierced ears, what sort of earrings does she prefer? Studs or hoops? Work out whether she prefers modest pieces of jewellery or if she’d like something a little more bold.


Pandora is a huge favourite of mine; its wide range of trinkets, bracelets, rings and necklaces mean that whatever style you’re looking for, they have something to suit. What I love about Pandora is that their website guides you through the all-important thought process behind selecting the right piece of jewellery. Their search criteria is brilliant in lending you a helping hand – you can define who you’re buying for, what you’re celebrating, and even what sort of person they are. These prompts give you a cleverly narrowed down idea as to what might be the perfect gift. I love that you can search within certain styles: classic, independent, sophisticated, sentimental, or romantic.

The fabulous thing about Pandora, is that their pieces have so much scope for personalisation, which is perfect for Mother’s Day. For a mother already owning a Pandora charm bracelet, the delicately beautiful heart charms or hearts with ‘mum‘ or ‘family forever‘ make an obvious choice, and will be sure to earn you a few extra brownie points. My top choice for mother’s day would be the ‘Forever in My Heart’ pendant necklace or the Wishful Heart Moments Silver Bangle. A wonderful keepsake. Their Mother’s Day collection can be found here.

There are so many beautiful pieces varying in price range, so whatever your budget, you’ll find something to wow your mother this Mother’s Day!

Another handy tip: Dealines for online orders are: 29th Feb for STND, 2nd March for EXPRESS (Before 2pm).


Sponsored Content in collaboration with Pandora by Ellie Mules, My Baba