These calming beaded strings aren’t my idea in any way. I was asked to make them by Leo after Dr Maryhan Baker talked about them in the podcast they did together on how to raise well-behaved children and why you should never tell your child to calm down.

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To make your own calming beaded string you will need:

  • String or a shoe lace
  • 30 Beads*

* pony beads work really well for this.

Cut a long length of string or you can use a shoe lace.

Tie a knot at one end of the string.

String 10 beads on and tie another knot. Make sure to leave room for the beads to be moved between the two knots.

Repeat the previous step two more times.

How to use the calming beaded strings

As you take a deep breath in move the first bead across to the knot. When you breath out move the second bead over.

Do this for each bead on the string.

By the time you’ve finished moving each bead you should be calmer.

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Calming beaded strings to help children cope with anxiety.