We’ve have a lot of people asking about colouring hair during pregnancy, so I put the question to my dear colourist Ben Smith, who’s written a very funny answer to the question ‘can I colour my hair when pregnant?’ Ben has also thrown in some interesting bits of advice on how to look after your hair, not just after the birth, but before as well. 

Can I colour my hair when I’m pregnant?

Yes you can, all doctors will advise against putting any chemicals on your skin, but as always it’s down to personal preference. Generally I steer away from tinting people’s hair when pregnant and opt for ‘off the scalp’ colour to ensure the client feels safe. There are always ways around doing your usual colour and being baby safe.

For highlighted hair I normally opt for a gentler products as hormones can send the hair a little bonkers! A lower maintenance colour is also important, so you still feel fabulous weeks into the baby’s life. No one wants Halloween roots two weeks post birth! I do a lot of free hand work with my blonde and brunette clients to give them lasting glow and quality of colour.

How should I look after my hair before and after the birth of my baby?

Before birth it’s important to keep the quality of your hair at best as after birth there can be hair loss and brittleness. I always recommend Philip Kingsley star product, ‘Elasticizer‘ to keep hair strong before and after. Keeping a diet rich in quality proteins and omegas is of course, vital to hair, nail and skin condition.

After birth try not to use too much heat on your hair until hormone levels have settled back down, and keep treating you hair with hair masks. As for colouring your hair, as long as it’s gentle and off the scalp if breast feeding, then it’s fine. I see lots of clients pre and post birth and I never have any problems.

Just make it very clear to your colourist that you want minimal colour and try keep bleach and peroxide levels to a minimum.

Also… If you’re thinking of a colour change while pregnant, please DON’T! Trust me, it’s a bad idea!
Benjamin Smith 
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