candy cane science experiment

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Candy Cane Science Experiment

I always find (as with most holidays) we seem to end up with lots of sweets around the house. At Easter we obviously have lots of chocolate.  Halloween it is just sweets in general. But at Christmas we end up with candy canes! Hundreds of the things. There is truly a limit on how many I will allow EC and YC to have. That is generally about 1 (yes I know I am mean). Which leaves us with the question of what to do with all the other remaining ones? Simple, we do a candy cane science experiment with them.

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You will need:

  • Candy canes – we used 4 of them
  • Glasses – one for each candy cane
  • A variety of different liquids – a different one for each glass.

We used 4 candy canes, which meant that YC and EC got to choose 2 different types of liquid each to fill their cups. EC chose hot and cold water. YC chose oil and vinegar.  You could literally use any liquid though.  YC did suggest orange juice, but we didn’t have any.

candy cane science experiment

They each filled their cups up with the same amount of liquid. I poured in the boiling water.

Before we put the candy canes into the water we discussed what we thought might happen. EC predicted that the hot water one would dissolve the candy cane the quickest. Followed by the cold water, vinegar, and finally the oil. When asked why he replied he “didn’t think the oil would do anything because you can keep things in oil to keep them safe!” Clearly he has been paying attention when we have been to the natural history museum and seen the creatures kept in oil! YC thought that the oil would work the quickest, followed by the vinegar, hot water, and cold water.

candy cane science experiment

On the count of one we all put them into the jars at the same time and set the timer for 10 minutes.

candy cane science experiment

Straight away EC commented on what he could see happening. He was very keen to point out when major things started happening to each of the candy canes. Like when the colour started to come of them. Or when the one in the hot water broke off.

At the end of the 10 minutes we took them out and had a look. EC was very pleased with himself for getting it right.

This candy cane science experiment was a sweet (excuse the pun) activity to do. It didn’t take too long to do. Plus, more importantly, it used up some of our candy canes.

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Use up your candy canes in this candy cane science experiment.

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