capsicle! Help save Captain America from the ice

Activities & Days Out / 26 February, 2020 / Nanny Anita

Capsicle! Help Save Captain America From the Ice

Im not going to lie, I am super proud of this activity. Not because of it’s coolness factor, but because it appealed to the nerd in me. If you have ever seen/ read Captain America you will know that he spent a very long time frozen in the ice.  If you don’t know the story; Captain America crashed his plane into the Arctic to save the world from the Tesseract. He ended up being in a frozen coma for 70 odd years, until he was discovered and thawed out. Well, I was struck with the brilliant idea to send him back and turn him back into a Capsicle (see it appeals more to my nerdiness than anything) and then get some super heroes (i.e. EC and YC) to come and save him.

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You will need:

  • Captain America action figure
  • Large tupperwear box to put him in
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Food Colouring
  • Pipettes

The first thing you will need to do is freeze your Captain America over night; when I place him in the water he kept bobbing back up to the surface, to get around this I turned him over so he was now facing down and put a smaller tupperwear lid over him to keep him submerged.

Look is a Capsicle!

Look is a Capsicle!

When you are ready to save him set up 3 bowls; one with salt and two with warm coloured water in. I added blue food colouring with one and red food colouring to the other bowl of water.


Then simply use the pipettes to cover the ice with the coloured water and spinkle with salt to help melt it.


Look at the pretty veins of colours.

Look at the pretty veins of colours.


Starting to get there.

Starting to get there.


EC taking his time to free the legs.


Free at last to carry on fighting the bad guys.

YC has done this activity before, but EC hadn’t, and he loved doing this (well the both did). We spent over an hour saving Captain America, we even enlisted Iron Man, The Hulk and Agent Carter to help us (see total nerd out). YC loved to just slosh the water all over it, but EC was very meticulous in what we was doing, he made sure that he had completely freed one part of him before moving onto the next part. After we had freed him EC said that if the real Captain America got trapped in ice again, he would definitely come and help free him!

Pin for later:

Such a fun activity to do that appeals to children and any marvel fans! Use warm water and salt to free Captain America from his Capsicle state.

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