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New Booster On The Block: The Nuna AACE Lx – Designed For Growing Children

There’s a new booster on the block, and it’s already making waves in the world of car seats. Just launched, the Nuna AACE lx has been crowned winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award 2021. A car seat designed to keep them safer for longer, this stylish i-Size booster is designed to grow with your child

Introducing the Nuna AACE lx

The new AACE lx has been specifically designed to offer premium i-Size protection for growing children measuring 100 – 150 cm. Roughly speaking, we’re talking infant school age to pre-teen. From an aesthetics point of view, the AACE lx definitely looks the part. Its sleek and timeless design will look great in any car.

Smart design: innovative 3D growth™ system

The USP of the AACE lx has to be its innovative 3d growth™ system technology. As your child gets taller, the height-adjustable headrest moves with one hand, to 16 positions, while the seat’s shoulder system works simultaneously with the headrest, expanding out just the right amount for the comfiest ride. There’s also three depths to the seat, to give growing legs plenty of space and support.


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AACE lx installation

With ISO ConnectorTM technology, you can easily secure the car seat within the vehicle, while having the flexibility of transferring the seat to another car if needed. The AACE lx can also be installed using the vehicle’s belt if your car doesn’t have ISOFIX. The booster seat weighs in at 6.7kg, so it’s fairly easy to handle, but heavy enough to feel sturdy.

Booster seat safety

As well as the i-Size protection for all ages, the AACE lx has taken side impact protection to the next level with extra protection in the form of energy-absorbing EPP foam and a detachable SIP pod. The pod creates an additional safety zone to protect your child, working with the integrated foam to absorb energy earlier, which will significantly reduce the force of an impact.

If you’re apprehensive about buckling your child in at first (and we totally get it, going from a secure 5-point harness to a seat belt can initially seem a big leap!), then worry not. There’s a green belt path with a belt positioner so you can be sure your child is sat with the correct shoulder belt routing, and that it’s not going to sit across their neck.

The comfiest ride

You’re never too old for a nap on the go. The AACE lx reclines smoothly for a custom fit to both your child and your vehicle, so they’re always in the most comfortable position for travel.

The booster seat is made from a natural cotton-blend fabric that stays soft, snug and cool throughout every journey.

Shop now

The AACE lx™ is available in Caviar and Frost. RRP: £200


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