It is absolutely typically that when we need the sunshine to do an activity we get the first cloudy day in months! Though that didn’t actually stop us from making our cardboard box oven. All it meant was that it took slightly longer than if it had been the 30c outside like it had been all week.

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You will need:

  • Cardboard box
  • Tin foil
  • Chocolate/ marshmallows/ biscuits etc

To begin with you will need to line the cardboard box with tin foil. The shiny side of the foil needs to face inwards.

cardboard box oven

While I was lining the cardboard box EC and YC were choosing what they wanted to cook in our cardboard box oven. I came into the larder to find them elbow deep into all the sweets and chocolate jars. They put together a selection of biscuits, chocolate, fudge, and marshmallows to cook.

cardboard box oven

YC and EC arranged their goodies in the box for the days dessert.

cardboard box oven

Then you just stick it outside in the sun. We shut the lid to our cardboard box oven as the sun was mostly behind clouds. But it if it had been out then we would have left open and angled it down onto the food.

As it the temperature had cooled down considerably (typical) we left ours to cook for a couple of hours. Obviously the hotter it is outside the quicker it will cook.

cardboard box oven

yummy yummy!

EC and YC loved making their cardboard box oven and eating their dessert. I have promised that we can try something else, like an egg, next time it gets hot enough. Which might mean we have to wait until next summer.

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Cardboard box oven - a perfect activity for Scouts and Guides while camping.