Final Calling for flight …

My two charges love playing aeroplanes, it is their main game, and results in numerous bags being packed and teddies being taken onto their pretend planes and flown to some very exotic places.  So far we have travelled to Thailand, Argentina, Ireland, Italy and Australia!  As a surprise for them I thought well why not make them their very own cardboard box plane!

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To make your own cardboard box plane you will need:

  • A big cardboard box (the bigger the better)
  • A box cutter
  • Gaffer/ Duck tape
  • Paint and paintbrushes

Cut off all the flaps except one of the smaller ones (that one will be for the control panel).

On the cut off flaps, draw your wings and tailfin and cut them out.  On the tail fin cut a slit into the middle of the base so that you can slide it onto the box.

Paint and decorate your aeroplane, including the wings and tailfin.

Once it has dried, stick everything together.


When they both got back from school and saw their plane they were thrilled, they would have played in there all evening if we had let them.  So let your children’s imagination take flight with their very own cardboard box plane.



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cardboard box plane for imaginative play