A firm favourite of Carousel’s and the perfect addition to a Flower Fairy Party are these delightful and very, very pretty chocolate treats.


Start by very gently melting the chocolate over a low heat – we like to do this over a pan of hot water although the microwave will do the job (just don’t let it cook too quickly!) Once the chocolate is melted, spoon a small amount onto each plastic spoon. Then, get creative in decorating your chocolate spoons with the sprinkles and sugar flowers. Delicious and very very simple!

The great news is that these can be tailored to your own party requirements, for example, how about using yellow sugar stars and primary coloured sprinkles for a super cool super hero party?

Top Tip

Allow the chocolate to cool slightly before adding the sprinkles and Sugar Flowers, this will stop them from sinking to the bottom of the spoons.

? Post written by Charlotte, carousel-carousel.com ?

Carousel's Bonbon Spoons

Carousel’s Bonbon Spoons