As the founder of the Early Lingo DVD Series, I am often asked how to best introduce a child to a foreign language. These days there are so many resources from DVDs to television, to books and the Internet, that it is quite easy to teach a young child the basics of a second language. The key is to start early as a young child’s brain is most receptive to learning a foreign language during the early years, and in fact, will store a foreign language in the same area of the brain as his/her native tongue!

Here are some tips to get your child speaking the basics of a foreign language:

  • Be consistent! Whatever you do, make sure that you stick with it.
  • Find music on the radio or Internet. Children love music and research has shown that music positively affects language memory, accent and enjoyment.
  • If you speak the language, read books to your child in the language.
  • Find television programs in the language via TV or Internet.
  • Have your child communicate with people you know who do speak the language.
  • Enroll your child in a language class or host one at your home.
  • Encourage your child to learn with a sibling or friend – they can have their own secret language!
  • Have fun! Children learn through play and will enjoy the process more.

Early Lingo Series

The fully immersive Early Lingo DVD Series offers over 450 words and phrases to provide a child with a solid foundation in a foreign language, using all native speakers and original music. Now available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin with more languages and titles to follow.