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Celebrity Dad of The Year Jonathan Saccone Joly Chats About YouTube, Baby Essentials & What’s Next

The last time we caught up with the Jolys, they’d just released a book, fast forward to now, and our favourite daddy vlogger and YouTube star Jonathan Saccone Joly has beaten the likes of Prince William, Danny Dyer and Declan Donnelly to win the Clas Ohlson Celebrity Dad of the Year Award. Jonathan and his wife Anna live in the London commuter belt with their four children, and have been busy chronicling their lives as a family on social media since 2010.  We met up with Jonathan to ask some quick-fire questions about life, and how he feels about his recent accolade.

For those who haven’t come across you yet (shock horror!) give us a quick low-down on you.

Since 2010 I have been documenting my life and sharing it online (www.youtube.com/sacconejolys). I had just turned 30, was living with my girlfriend and I thought it would be a fun hobby. Since then I have captured and shared with the world my proposal, wedding, 4 baby births and 1 miscarriage and my entire 30s. It’s been a coming-of-age drama playing out in real life.

How has sharing your life online changed the family dynamic?

I didn’t have a family to begin with as I started sharing my life before I had a family, so I don’t know what family life is like not doing this!

Is there anything you wish you hadn’t shared with the public?

Of course there have been plenty of regrets along the way, but I can’t say I’m unhappy today with the legacy I’m leaving behind. I wouldn’t want to change any of it, the good or the bad.

What do you wish you knew before you became a dad?

When Anna first came to me about starting a family I said no thanks, we’re not ready! I think you’re never really ready, but we did it anyway and here I am.. Celebrity Dad of the Year! Becoming a parent is scary for the first time, and after having kids you see your parents in a whole new light and realise that they hadn’t a clue what they were doing either – we are all just winging it, and I wish I had known that before I become a dad myself.

What baby essential should all dads have?

I loved wearing my babies when they were small and our go-to is the Stokke MyCarrier. But a good-sized wine fridge, a place to go to be alone and a Playstation also work as essentials!

What’s the best and worst part of being a YouTube star?

The best part is being able to always be at my kids events – from dropping them to school in the morning to putting them to bed every night. I’ve been very lucky to be able to manage my days so I can be present in their lives. The worst part is the balancing act behind all the above that is needed to keep up with the demands of being a YouTuber.


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How do you deal with negative press?

When we first got negative media attention it felt personal but it doesn’t anymore – everyone is just doing their job, making their content and making a living. Sometimes they can be a bit naughty, but I suppose so can I!

Is there ever a day where you wake up and don’t want to be in the spotlight or don’t feel like publishing something online?

Of course and on those days we just don’t, I feel I’m much better at balancing my work and life these days. I have made a few mistakes over the years with having no balance and got myself into a bad space mentally, so now I only upload every second day. This also allows me to do other projects and spend more time with my family.

You’ve recently been announced as Clas Ohlson’s Celebrity Dad of the Year 2019, how does that feel?

Being a dad is my greatest accomplishment, so getting recognised for that was a wonderful surprise! I’m not sure the kids understand how cool their dad is now, but what kid does?! I do also have four kids, so I might need to win four times so they each have an award!

What’s in the pipeline for the future?

We have a few projects we are working on and I can’t give too much away, but they are amazing and my audience will love them! We also filmed a documentary which is airing on TV in September. It was really interesting to see myself in a show that I didn’t write, direct, produce or edit, so I will be curious to see the reaction!

Picture Credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire


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