An interview with our mumpreneur of the week, Charlie Pearl from Pink Lining

1) We’re big fans of Pink Lining, how did the company come about?

Thanks, we love The Baba Blog so the feeling is mutual!!

Pink Lining started as a bit of a dare really… I wanted a new outfit for a party but having just started work after university I couldn’t afford one at the time, so I thought I’d get a bag instead. The one I fell in love with was so expensive I thought I could make something myself, my then boyfriend, now husband said ‘well, why don’t you then?’ and I did!

2) What did you study at university, and what did you do for work before Pink Lining?

French and Classics at Exeter University, so that was really useful! Before setting up the company, I worked for Mary Portas (Mary Queen of Shops) at Yellow Door consumer PR working on accounts such as Thomas Pink for women and Thomas Goode the china company; then a brief stint at one of the smaller titles at Vogue House.

3) What’s your secret – how do you juggle your own business and a family?

There’s no secret – it’s extremely tough; fun and rewarding, but tough. For me, however, the family always come first and it’s extremely important that I try as much as possible to divide my time so that I can dedicate myself to the kids when I’m with them.  It helps that I am working in an industry that is inspired by children and for families.

4) What’s your favourite piece in the Autumn / Winter 2012 Pink Lining collection, and why?

I’d say the Twins Bag as it’s a relatively new style (launched in SS12) and it’s getting such a great reception. It’s always exciting when a new one launches and fills a gap in the market. There’s lots of new and interesting things coming in for SS13 though, which I am very excited about too!

5) What’s your favourite family movie?

As a family we love watching most of the animated films that come out but I’d have to say in the category of ‘family movie’, ‘It’s a Beautiful Life’ with James Stewart and Donna Reed.

6) If you could meet any character in fiction, who would it be?

Probably Jo from Little Women….or Anne of Green Gables – both books I adored when growing up.

7) What’s your favourite restaurant in London?

Our local is Julie’s in London which is a bit of an institution and a great place for a pre or post dinner drink if we’ve been out to friends. The staff are so lovely.

8) Where is your most loved holiday destination?

I’d say Italy as it’s the first place my husband and I went together and then for our honeymoon too; they are so family friendly, the food is amazing, culture, climate – what’s not to love?

9) What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to new mums setting up their own business?

Celebrate the mini triumphs. It’s easy to get caught up in the sweat and toil of running a business, so you must take time to stand back and acknowledge even the little things along the way – if you can do it with champagne too, so much the better. You also need to be passionate about what you do – setting up your own business is hard work so you need to really believe in what you do.

10) What’s in the pipeline for Pink Lining?

We are really excited about some new brand extension ideas we have going on at HQ – we hope our customers will come with us on a journey to new products and categories. Watch this space!