I’m so proud of my sister-in-law Charlotte, with this great video, sharing what she’s packed in her fabulous Pink Lining hospital bag. Her eldest, my gorgeous neice, is 10, and her youngest is 5, so it’s been a while, but I think she has hit the nail on the head with what one needs. 

Such an exciting time and I can’t wait to meet my new little neice – not long now! 

Charlotte Pearl (Founder & Creative Director) Pink Lining. London.

Charlotte Pearl (Founder & Creative Director) Pink Lining. London.

By Charlotte Pearl – founder of Pink Lining, currently expecting baby number 4… any day!

Having spent most of last night awake with “Braxton Hicks” I have decided that at almost 39 weeks pregnant with my fourth child it is perhaps time that I finally got myself organised and packed my hospital bag!

I have chosen my Pink Lining holdall in cream bows on navy from the On The Go range as it is the perfect size to fit everything that I need. Not having had to pack one of these for almost 6 years I have researched other recommended hospital bag lists and combined them with my own vague memories of what I actually needed and used to create my personal definitive hospital bag packing list!

Inside the bag:

  • First and foremost my hospital birthing notes, including my birth plan
  • A large, button down flannel nightshirt which I bought on sale to give birth in (hopefully it can be bleached after the birth as it is light in colour) – large enough to be decent in, although I know all sense of decorum can go out the window in the throes of childbirth!
  • A stretchy, jersey button down night shirt for after I have had the baby (the buttons make it good for breast feeding)
  • A long towelling lined dressing gown- both for comfort and also as a good cover up should I have visitors – White Company
  • Slippers- so I don’t have to traipse around bare footed – White Company
  • Cosy fleece lined long socks with grips- from my Mother
  • 2 x pairs of spare socks – M&S
  • Maternity bras x 2 – Amoralia
  • Tara Lee for Blossom pregnancy yoga trousers- I used these all the way through my pregnancy and they are very comfortable, stretchy and plain black- so easy to wear also after the birth- Tara Lee
  • Soft, large shawl for comfort and also as a cover up when breast feeding (Christmas present from my husband Rufus)
  • Disposable knickers- Amazon
  • A packet of “large” inexpensive knickers that I won’t be too worried about not being able to use again in lieu of disposable ones (sometimes this can be the thing that makes you feel a little more human again i.e. not wearing scratchy disposable ones!)- Amazon
  • 2 x packets of maternity pads – Amazon/Natracare
  • 1 x packet of breast pads – Amazon/Naty
  • Three things that I have packed which are very important to me are – teddy bears for each of my three children that will be given to them from the baby. Amelia still sleeps with the one that Lucas so thoughtfully brought with him when he was born! – The Great British Teddy Bear Company

Wash bag: (my daughters Damsels and Unicorns one from PL Child!)

  • Containing the usual essentials- toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste, hairbrush, travel sized shampoo, deodorant, my make-up essentials in case of visitors! – cover up and blusher, travel sized Chanel no. 5 perfume to pep myself up!
  • Love Boo Mummy body smoother cream in case I feel up to maintaining my stand against the stretch marks whilst in hospital!
  • Lucky Legs cream by Mama Mio – really helped soothe my sore legs throughout pregnancy as I suffered with varicose veins and I know unfortunately that I will continue to have them for a while after birth too…
  • Beaming Beauty Organic Face Wipes – I have never tried these before as they were a free packet that came with my Naty nappy order but it is the perfect sized packet and wipes are easy and refreshing way to clean your face when in hospital
  • Remnants of an Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream! – Great for my dry skin.
  • Lucas Papaw ointment- for everything from dry lips, to cracked nipples…to your baby’s nappy rash!
  • Arnica- so many people have told me that this helps speed up recovery I thought I would give it a try- I have yet to read how to take it though! – Boots

Leaving hospital outfit:

  • Button down shirt (to breast feed in)
  • Cosy jumper
  • Skirt (with an elasticated waist- who knows what size I will be after the birth!)
  • Thermal tights- it is winter! M&S
  • Shoe therapy black ballerina pumps- smart and comfortable! – Seraphine/Shoe Therapy
  • Black lounge pants (again with an elasticated waist) in case I don’t feel like wearing a skirt)- White Company

Outer zip pocket:

  • Mobile phone
  • Snacks (including a bounce bag- yummy, healthy and satisfying!)

Inside zip pocket:

  • Mobile phone charger
  • Spare small camera
  • £10 in change
  • Hair clips
  • Hair bands
  • Alice band for keeping hair out of eyes whilst giving birth!
Pink Lining's Navy Holdall with Cream Bows

Pink Lining’s Navy Holdall with Cream Bows

Top tip! For all things mother, baby & child related I find www.mybaba.com to be an invaluable source of information!