Recently I have rediscovered the yumminess of Cheerios. My parrot also really likes to eat them, she gets very annoyed at me if she sees me eating them and I haven’t offered her any. Chances are she’ll throw it on the floor straight away, but she will always go back and find them later. She’ll sit at the back of her cage and savour every bite.   With this in mind BB and I decided it might be a nice to make a Cheerios bird feeder for the garden.

Please be warned that Cheerios are obviously not the greatest food to constantly feed birds. We put a big variety of different foods out for them. I would recommend looking at the RSPB’s site about what you can and cannot feed birds. Remember there are foods out there (like the avocado) that are deadly to birds.

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To make your own Cheerios bird feeder you will need:

  • Cheerios
  • Twine
  • Scissors

Cut a long length of twine, always cut more than you need because the ends with fray. BB was always asking me to trim away his frayed parts.

cheerios bird feeder

Thread the Cheerios onto the twine. This part is very good for fine motor skills. I was impressed that BB helped do the bowl (without eating any)! I thought he would do a handful and then get bored. But no, he helped do all of it.

Before you hang it outside, check the weather. You don’t want to hang it out if it is just about to rain. All the Cheerios will turn to mush. We waited for an extended dry patch and placed it somewhere were we could observe the birds eating it from inside.

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Make a taste treat for your garden birds with this Cheerios bird feeder.