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10 Baby Safe Paints For The Nursery

Whether you’re creating a nursery or redoing your kids’ rooms, it’s important to use baby-safe paint to create a safe environment for your little ones. When shopping for paint, keep an eye on the VOC labelling and look for low VOC paints to create a non-toxic space that you can use straight away.


COAT’s water-based recipe 100% solvent free, and low on both VOCs and odour, so it’s safe for your home. Their products are made from sustainable bamboo, so there are no nasty plastics – you can recyclable both product and packaging. COAT’s products are made to order for zero waste. They’ve also done away with paint tester pots, replacing that idea with Peel & Stick swatches creating 95% less waste than tester pots.

COAT curates only the best colours so you can confidently find your style. We love that COAT isn’t tested on animals and is vegan.

COAT goes beyond clean products, and as a regenerative business they give back more to the planet and broader society than we take with initiatives such as Certified Climate Positive, closed-loop tin and paint recycling, backing Crisis UK to end homelessness and local sourcing and production.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a handcrafted, water-based mineral paint, made without the use of chemical, solvents and toxins. Cornish Milk has an extremely low natural VOC content with only 9g per litre and proudly contains no added VOCs.

The range of Cornish shades are made only from the highest quality ingredients and organic earth pigments sourced within the UK, which gives their mineral paint superior coverage and depth and colour, which will last for years to come.

All of Cornish Milk’s mineral paints are made, poured and labelled by hand and carefully packed at Cornish Milk HQ, before being shipped to our stockists and customers all over the world. They value the traditional way of paint making and as a company they’ve reduced our C02 emissions by 75%, by manufacturing paints and pouring by hand. It’s a traditional process takes a little longer, but it’s their passion, and as a family, they work together.

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Earthborn is dedicated to creating paints perfect for home decorators, interior designers and trade folk that are better for the planet, your home and your health. With no horrible smells or emissions, Earthborn paints carry the Safety of Toys Standard so they’re the perfect choice for children’s rooms, toys and furniture.

Thick and creamy, their clay paint covers so well, all you need is one coat! Earthborn were the first company in the UK to hold the prestigious EU Ecolabel.

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Edward Bulmer makes natural paint using the purest and healthiest plant-based ingredients combined with rich mineral and earth pigments. Creating a tonally consistent range of easy-to-use, durable, vegan paint, all the colours and finishes are low VOC, wipeable and odourless and created by leading interior designer, Edward Bulmer.

The water-based formulas are some of the most ecologically friendly available today, so if you’re after plastic-free wall paints, carbon neutral and non-toxic options, you know where to go.


Frenchic Original Artisan Range is a traditional style, eco-friendly, chalk and mineral paint. Rich, creamy and self-priming, the Original Artisan Range gives you superior coverage in a range of 16 gorgeous colours with minimal VOC content and virtually no odour.

Traditionally artisan, you can seal the colour with one of their buttery waxes, Finishing Coat or Tuff Top Coat for durability. You can create almost endless decorative effects – let your imagination loose with texture and multiple colour layers for an eclectic, rustic or antique look or go for a sleek, smooth finish.

As with all Frenchic paints and finishes, it is UKCA and EN71-3 certified, meaning it’s also safe to use on children’s toys.

Graphenstone Ecosphere Colour 

Graphenstone formulate all of their products based on lime, which is a natural and organic product, free of VOCs and formaldehyde. It’s breathable and with a high pH, prevents the appearance of mould and fungus, so it’s perfect for using in your child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery.

Graphenstone lime-based products absorb CO2 from the air during the drying process, specifically, three 15-liter pots absorb 14.40 kg of CO2, the same amount as an adult tree during one year!

This paint also has a high degree of solar reflectance and thermal emittance, due to the high quality of lime, and these two factors contribute to energy efficiency! You learn something new every day…

Lakeland Paints

Lakeland Paints have all the certificates to show their range contains absolutely no VOCs, no Solvents, and no Heavy Metals, so it’s completely non-toxic.

They’re doing so much for the environment, with energy usage kept to an absolute minimum. The factory is lit by LED and fluorescent lighting and transportation is optimised with unnecessary journeys proscribed. They’re packaging is recyclable and compostable too.

Lakeland donate and support carbon capture to help plant 150,000 native trees in the UK to help cut global VOC greenhouse gas emissions and to help tackle Global Warming by stockpiling CO2 where it belongs – in our forests. They also support The Marine Conservation Society, as the oceans capture more CO2 than trees and help combat the climate crisis.

The inventor is so confident in his paint, that there’s even a Vimeo video where he eats a tablespoon of it! Fair play! In fact, he’s done this party trick demo half a dozen times or more – for Lancashire + Cumbria Trading Standards, the ASA, HSE and others!

Lick Pro

Lick Pro is a 100% vegan brand with a range of gorgeous water-based paints. The products are premium high-quality, tough and durable emulsions, low on odour and VOCs, for better indoor air quality. The brand also specialises in FSC certified wallpaper, and they use recyclable and biodegradable packaging across their product range.

This range promises excellent opacity and easy application with a low splatter. It’s quick-drying, scrubbable, and presents the ideal finish for interior walls and ceilings.

We love that Lick Pro are doing their bit for the plant, with a pledge to remove plastic from the ocean with every tin sold, and one tree planted per roll of wallpaper sold!

Little Knights

This beautiful baby safe paint can be safely used when pregnant, so you don’t have to put off creating a nursery for your baby. In fact, in theory, it could even be applied with a baby in the room, because it is 100% zero-VOC and there are no harmful emissions. Little Knights paint also contains an antibacterial additive proven effective against all known bacteria, and it’s mould resistant, to help protect you and your little one.

With a range of beautiful colours to choose from, all pigment-rich for exceptional coverage, Little Knights brings walls to life with a depth of tone to be proud of.

Little Knights has been independently tested and verified as being 100% VOC-free, a claim upheld in 2019 by the UK’s independent regulator of advertising.

Valspar Premium Paint

Valspar have created a new Life-Kind formula that’s child, pet and allergy friendly. The ingredients are ultra-low VOC and hypoallergenic, giving you complete peace of mind. Specially designed for those with asthma and allergies, the new formula is Allergy UK accredited and helps limit exposure to airborne triggers.

The Life-Kind formula is exclusive to their Premium Walls & Ceilings paint, and it’s available in 2.2 million colours, giving you the flexibility and choice to create your dream interior, with the reassurance that your health and wellbeing come first.

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