The phone rings and the display indicates that it is my pregnant friend Jenny calling. When I answer I can hear the sound of sobbing as Jenny says: “I just cannot decide on the theme of the nursery.”

For all those expectant mamas and papas, take a step back. Remember that there are no rules with regard to the space you are creating for your new baby, your toddler or your young son or daughter. Explore your inner child to develop a space in which your baby can flourish and grow. You don’t need to feel restricted or confined by design or to try and match everything. Have fun!

You’re developing a space for growing and inquisitive minds and I believe it is important for a child to feel safe as well as stimulated in their space. My approach is to keep the palette fairly neutral with softer shades of colour so that the furniture can be adapted as your child grows. Allow for lots of storage as there will be lots of toys, books, games, etc, but make it fun. Incorporate a ladder into the joinery to climb up and over the piece. Or, design the joinery to incorporate a swing or climbing wall. Bring the outdoors in so as not be restricted by the weather.

Organisation is important, as you want your child to be stimulated by the environment so make space for learning and playing. Create a craft desk area where they can sit and draw. Felt pin boards are handy to clip art for display. Interactive floor tiles mean they can move patterns around. Likewise, wall stickers or velcro shapes can be used for a themed space that can be easily adapted.

If the space you are creating is for more than one child then allow for areas or storage specifically allocated to each child. This allows for a sense of ownership and independence in the development of their personalities.

With so many products and ideas available to us, it is easy to make things complicated and cluttered but children are after all constant reminders of the simplified beauty of life that bring us back to self. The creation of a space for your child need start simply with an idea or something you like. Let go of all inhibitions and see where the journey leads…

By Roselind Wilson

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Interior design by Roselind Wilson Design 
Architect: MBA (Michaelis Boyd Architects)
Photography: Ephraim Muller